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99 Deaths

March 26, 2018
By russellwestbook240 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
russellwestbook240 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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 Sadness. Sadness is what was felt in the warm and comforting home the day that a 19 year old LaJuan Broner was taken with 99 other men and women to kill of eachother.  The task that he was chosen for was almost certain death. 

LaJuan was a lightskin( a mix of a white and black human) which was very rare to see.  He also had green eyes and was scary strong.  The reason young LaJuan was chosen was because the group called “Epic Rulers” choose men and women that are of the age 19 to 29 to be in a battle royal.  LaJuan did not see himself winning this battle.

   A battle royale only happens once every twenty five years.  Epic Rulers gather the list from Quil and choose people at random.  Where the young people battle is on a piece of land called Artime.  Artime, unlike Quil was a very colorful and beautiful place.  How the young adults win this battle royal is by picking up weapons and killing each other with them until there is one person standing.  How they find weapons is by jumping out of a flying bus, and choosing a location to go on the map they are give.

Finally, the day for the battle royal approached the young adults.  LaJuan Broner was so scared his knees were shaking so much, it felt like a 3.2 earthquake.  When the bus driver ordered them to get on the bus, the adults obeyed. Lajuan looked at his map for a few minutes to decide where to jump.  The shook man chose to go to a place called Junk Junction to begin his journey.  The reason LaJuan was picking to go to junk junction was because it reminded him of where his family worked.  When LaJuan was younger, before his dad died, he was told to always stay where family is where the tough choices ahead when needed.

When LaJuan landed at Junk Junction, he saw that he was the only one landing in his choice of place.  LaJuan went into a factory like place to find a gun.  LaJuan went inside and lying on the ground, was a purple shotgun that was titled, Tactical Shotgun.  Lajuan saw something glowing above him.  Growing up, LaJuan was always a curious kid, so he went to investigate The glowing yellow box. When LaJuan got to the strange object, he found out the object was a treasure chest.  Lajuan opened the chest carefully and found a blue colored ak-47.
Lajuan picked it up and put the gun in a magical pocket they were given before they jumped. They were given 5 magical pouches.  LaJuan finished the task at hand and went off too a little broken down house southeast.  LaJuan thought he was alone, But man did he think wrong.

LaJuan heard footsteps. LaJuan  hauling up a flight of stairs to get a better view.  And LaJuan saw a mexican man right below him.  Without a second to waist, Lajuan pulled out his ak-47 and started spraying at the man until the last bulled of the clip was empty. LaJuan considered himself lucky that the diseased man had not seen him.  LaJuan thought of himself being a marksman just like his dad was in world war 2.  LuJuan went over to the dead man and saw that the man had a yellow scar, Which is the “best gun on the land” according to Epic Rulers. So the confident man picked it up and dropped his Blue ak-47 next to the man.  LaJuan was thirsty and was glad to see the man had a pot full of a blue substance. He picked up the pot and saw on it “SHIELD POT”.  He didn’t know what that meant but was too thirsty to care.  LaJuan felt rehydrated and little did he know, He had shield on him.  Shields go around you so bullets take longer to hit the body.  LaJuan got a warning that a storm was coming in to kill them.
The way to stay alive from being in a storm was to run to a zone that the storm can’t get to.  LaJuan looked on his map and saw that he had 3 days to travel into the zone. He saw a freighting words on the machine that said “Two kilometers to go”. LaJuan saw that and took of for the zone.

LaJuan herd something strange above him.  The man looked up to see this magnificent piece of building  that kept going towards the zone.  The only problem was that he had to hike up a mountain.  All over a sudden Lajuan sees building coming down from the structure and Hears a women say with a sweet crisp voice,” HEY!”.  The skeptical man inches towards her until he feels that the woman wouldn't hurt him.  The women looked at him pleased by their alliance looked at the scared man and said,” If we build high enough above the remaining people we can easily kill the survivor and win the royal.  We just have to force epic games to let both of us live.  If they won’t allow that, we would jump of the building together.”.  LaJuan amazed by the woman’s beauty and intelligence, reluctantly agreed with the woman’s idea.  Lajuan (trying to act cool) stood up straight, stuck his chest out and said ,”My name is LaJuan. LaJuan Broner.”  The beautiful women laughing, answered ,”My name in Ramirez.”.

After a nights rest, the two young adults set off to build in the sky.  The two kept on building until the saw on their maps that they were inside the zone just a little ways into the zone just enough to see if people were coming on foot.  LaJuan and Ramirez both saw the storm coming in and coming in fast.  The they heard shots west of them and saw two people fighting.  Ramirez handed Lajuan a yellow Sniper that said “BOLT ACTION SNIPER.  YELLOW” on the side.  The two both had sights on both people and Finally, Ramirez said,” When I count to 3, wee shot. Okay? 3. 2. 1. SHOOT!”  Both adults hit their targets and saw that they were both dead.


The 3 days until the storm came in was finally over. Both friends killed 3 more people in the wait. They looked on their maps to see where the next zone was.  It said on the device ,”1 METER AWAY.”  The 2 also saw that it was them and 1 more person remaining alive.  The two built with the remaining wood they had. They built into the circle and waited.


The 2 saw the last man.  He was from asian decent and was dressed in a chinese new year like outfit.  The man was clueless where the last 2 were.  But looked up and saw ramirez peeking over the little piece of wood and shot her with snipper.  Lajuan was shook when he saw ramirez take her final breaths before passing away.

LaJuan felt some sort of anger build up inside of him and picked up his deceased friend’s rocket launcher ad kept firing until the enemy was no longer to run from the rocket.  LaJuan herd some type of helicopter around him. It was his ticket out of this terrible land.

When LaJuan got off the helicopter, he saw his family waiting there for him.  LaJuan was extremely happy to see his mother again.  That night at The Broner’s house, they partied all night, and slept all day.  But before LaJuan went to sleep that day, he thought about Ramirez.  He was still upset about what happened to his friend.  But deep in his heart, he knew she was in a better place than this miserable place.  That’s what helped LaJuan feel better.  The tired man was able to fall asleep with ease for the first time, in a long time.

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This was a english assigment.

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