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March 26, 2018
By Billybob387 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Billybob387 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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“Hurry up Eddie! We got to go,” said my mom. “Hold on, almost done packing.”
Once I got done packing my bag I shut my light off and closed my bedroom door and went down stairs. Once I got down stairs, my parents David and Rosey, where waiting for me.
“I think I’m ready.”
“It’s about time, we got to go!” said my dad with a tone of frustration in his voice.
We went outside to the car, my mom opened the trunk and we threw all of our stuff in the back in a big heap. Once we got all of our stuff in the back we closed the trunk and got into the car, and off we went, to the forest.

When we got there the sign said Kreepy Camping. We found a parking spot, and as soon as I got out of the car it felt like we were in the desert. It felt like a endless heat wave hit us.
“Mom, pop the trunk I need to get my stuff.”
“Ok, hold on.”
She popped the trunk and we gathered up all of our stuff in to our arms and walked to the old rickety shack to tell them we are here. Once we got in there it smelled of coffee. We went up to the front desk and the guy asks us, “What's your last name?”
“My mom speaks up, Henderson, that’s our last name.”
A few minutes later he comes back from the very back of the store.

“Ok I found your file-Looks like your gonna be in camping lot 123. Here’s a map so you can find it.”
“Thanks!” said my parents.
“Oh and there is a four- wheeler out back here if you don’t want to walk,” the man said.
“Oh thanks, I think our feet would be glad to use that,” Said my dad.

We went out back to find the  four- wheeler and we found a bunch of gas cans laying around. I went up to one of the cans and it was empty and I felt the one next to it and it was empty too.
“Must be he just filled up the four- wheelers because the gas cans are empty,” I shouted.
I went back over to my parents that where loading the luggage onto the back of the four-wheeler.
“Ok, I think we are ready to get going,” my dad said.
“I think so too,” said my mom.
We all loaded up onto the four- wheeler and my mom decided that my dad should drive, so he sat in front. He started it and off we went deep into the woods. 

We were about a mile into the woods when the four- wheeler started to chug. “What’s happening? I asked. “I think we ran out of gas” My dad whispered. “I thought you

checked it before we left!” My mom yelled. “I checked the gas cans, not the gas in the four-wheeler” my dad exclaimed. “Well that explains it!” my mom said furiously.

“Now what are we gonna do” I asked. “Now we set up our camp and wait till morning, I guess” “ said my dad. We unloaded all of our camping stuff and got ready to set it up. I got the tent stuff out of it’s bag, so when my parents where ready they could help me set it up. “Mom you all most done I need help setting this tent up” “One second, almost done” yelled my mom

My mom came over and we started on the tent. “Ok one more thing and I think it will be done.” “ I think so too”. Once we finished the tent my parents went off to find some things in the wood. But they never came back.

“MOM!, DAD!” “WHERE ARE YOU!” I started to get tears in my eyes. “I guess I will have to solve this on my own” I went to find some things when I saw the four-wheeler tracks. So i tried to follow them back to where our car was, and where the front office was.

I got about a half mile and I started to get thirsty. Then I walked like another 100 feet and I started to hear running water. There right in front of me was a little stream. I walked up to the stream and picked up some water in my palms and drank it. It was nice and cold and fresh.

Then after I got a nice and refreshing drink I got back to what I was doing. I found the tracks again and started to follow them again. I finally saw some light in front of me and I started to sprint.

When I got the the light it was where we got the four-wheeler out of the shed. I went back up the the main office and told the man I lost my parents. So he told me to just go wait in the car and eventually they will come back looking for you.

I fell asleep and when I woke up I was at home. “What happened” I asked. “You had a bad dream, you were talking in your sleep the whole time.” “Oh, that’s good” I went back up to my room and i said to myself “Thank god they are ok. Thank you so much that that was only a dream”
Right after that happened we went back to living our normal life in our normal house.

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