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March 26, 2018
By SaucyQueen BRONZE, Muir, Michigan
SaucyQueen BRONZE, Muir, Michigan
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That day he awoke to an early morning, bone chilling breeze sweeping through the curtains like the first signs of daylight. His deep brown pools for eyes opening with a rush, chills creeping down his spine causing little bumps of skin to arise everywhere along his body.
My body shot up quickly, forgetting I left the window open last night, the cold sweeping in. I brought my hands to my face, attempting to rub away the sleep. Throwing the comforter off of my body I strode towards the window, pulling the curtains aside. Inhaling the fresh frigid air I took a look around, my eyes landing on the sunrise, its’ orange and pink rays vibrant. I turned away from the sky leaving the window open still.
After getting myself around for the day, I stood gazing at the small amber orange bottles with the white wrapping, my name printed finely on each. I sighed out “,You’re not crazy Jace, just take them,” Obliging to my own encouragement I took two blue capsules out of each container, mentally convincing myself they would help before I downed them.
End of Exposition

“Jace I need you to come down and eat food before we go to your appointment today,” My aunt yelled up the stairs.
“Yes Juno I am coming could you give me a minute? It’s not like I really want to go anyways so,” I returned back with a sarcastic tone.
I didn’t hear a response so I assumed she was just ignoring me, Juno is my aunt, she’s the youngest out of my fathers siblings. When I was a child my mother left, then a few years later my father passed, my family talked about handing me off to an orphanage. Juno stepped in, only being 18 at the time, and offered to take care of me and raise me. When she turned 21 she adopted me and took legal guardianship over me, I’ve lived with her ever since.
  My head snapped towards the hallway as I heard the front door click shut and the car door open outside, I grabbed my phone and bolted down the stairs, knowing she doesn’t like to wait for long. I stepped inside the car and looked at Juno hoping she was content, we left for my appointment. We walked through the narrow hallway, most walls white or a faint blue, no noise except the clomping of our shoes on the floor. I pulled myself onto the white lay out, the paper making a rather obnoxious crackling noise as I sat down.
“Jace has been experiencing some body issues lately, I have tried with other doctors and they all just say that it’s the fever and that he’s going to get over it, but it keeps coming back and I don’t know what to do anymore,” Juno spoke to the doctor trying to sound strong, burying her face into her hands after her statement.
End of conflict

Rising Action #1
The doctor looked at me then looked at Juno with a sympathetic look. He grabbed his clipboard then motioned for me to follow, I stood up and followed his lead to another room. He pulled up a seat for me to sit on while he turned on the MRI scanner.
“I want to give you an MRI to scan your brain waves and brain stem, It’s completely painless and may help us to finding out what’s wrong,” He looked at me with sincere eyes and spoke with confidence.
“Alright, I want to figure out what could possibly be wrong with me now,” I spoke to him, my voice on the edge of cracking. Juno walked in and pulled up a chair next to me, she grasped my hand and squeezed it tightly. She looked at me with her forest green eyes and gave me that comforting look that you only ever receive from someone who genuinely cares.
“I’m going to be here for you no matter what Jace Adonis, we may argue and fight at times but that does not mean that I don’t love you with every ounce in my body. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re going to be okay,” Juno spoke, barely over a whisper. I looked her in the eyes, all the while she spoke, bringing tears to the brim of my water lines, causing my vision to go blurry. I looked away from her trying to wipe the salty particles of water from my eyes.
I walked into the bathroom and stripped into the hospital robe I was assigned, I walked out and there were two nurses waiting for me.
“Are you wearing any type of jewelry or piercings,” the one with a tan complexion and vibrant purple hair asked politely.
“No miss, I don’t really wear any of that,” I assured her. The other nurse lightly grasped my arm and directed me over to the bed that would’ve brought me into the large, rather scary looking, tube.
“Lay down please, I need to attach some cords just to test as much as possible in one sitting,” She said to me nonchalantly. I lay down on the bed while they put a few sticky tabs on me that connected to some cords, I lay still gazing at their every movements. The nurses finished up and walked out of the room, closing the door tightly. I heard the machine turn on and start to pull me into the tube, my arms thrust towards the siding of the bed, my heart beginning to race. “Alright Jace, you got this just calm down and think of a better time, like food, think of food Jace,” I reassured myself in my head. I seen the red light come across my body as I lay still as possible trying to stay calm. The hour I was in there felt like an entire day, and once it was over I didn’t want to ever do it again.
“Jace, wanna go get some food you don’t look to thrilled to have been in there that long,” Juno asked with a hint of worry traced in her words.
“Uhm yes, let’s go… That wasn’t the most enjoyable thing for me, you know how I dislike being in tight spaces for a longer period of time,” I stated pacing myself with each word.
The doctor cleared his throat “, Son your test results will be here tomorrow, if nothing shows I will just call you and if there’s any red flags I will ask that you and your aunt come into the clinic.” We walked out of the building, I slid into the car and directed my gaze out the window until we got to Arby’s.
Once Jace and his aunt, Juno, got home Jace went to his room and ate alone. Worry clouding his mind. “I hope and pray that I am okay and there’s nothing wrong with me,” He said aloud into the empty night air.
“Hello Jace Collias, Good Morning,” Dr. Tyche greeted over the phone. He sounded oddly calm, not a weird calm, it was just interesting.
“Well Morning Dr.Tyche, What’s the news?” Jace questioned serenely. Juno walking into the kitchen where Jace was perched sitting on the counter.
“There doesn’t seem to be an issue with anything internally or externally, with your brain waves anyways. But I would like to have you come in for Dr. Apollo to test your blood,” Dr.Tyche said with a hint of glee in his voice. Jace jumped off the counter a huge smile grazing his face, taking his aunt into a tight embrace.
“Juno I’m okay, I’m alright! He didn’t find anything wrong with me Juno!” He said ecstatically his eyes filled with joy.
“I told you there wouldn’t be Jace, I just knew it,” Juno stated tears of joy brimming to her water line, eyes filled with relief. She took the phone and thanked the doctor and set up the next appointment for his blood testing. Hanging up, happy that there wasn’t anything found yet, shortly to have worry once again for the blood testing.
End of Rising Action #1

Rising Action #2
A week later Jace and Juno walked into the clinic to get his blood drawn and tested. The doctor greeting them with a strong handshake and friendly hello’s. Dr.Tyche led them back into the room having Jace sit while the doctor placed the rubber tourniquet on his arm right above where the blood would be drawn.
“This may hurt a little bit, It’s just a small pinch that some people feel and some don’t,” Dr.Apollo stated. He put the needle into Jace’s bulging vein, feeling his muscles tense as he drew the blood out slowly, filling the vile as much as possible.
“See that didn’t hurt that bad let me get a band-aid to cover that before you bleed out,” His voice laced with humour.  Jace looked up at the doctor an smirked at the joke Dr. Apollo was trying to make.
Jace and Juno sat in the room for about two hours on the results from the doctor, Jaces’ head shot up as he heard the door open, the doctor strolling in.
“Uhm hey doc, so what’s the news?” I questioned him.
“Jace do you take any medications? He continued “, Be honest, I need to know even if they aren't prescribed. Juno looked at me, her eyes begging me to tell the truth. Dr. Apollo giving me a concerned look.
“Yes sir, I take medication for my depression and sometimes a few other things ig I get a panic attack or can’t sleep. Why?” I stated, finishing with a question. Juno’s neck craned as she looked at me, a slight amount of disappointment, causing my face to drop.
End of Rising Action #2

Dr. Apollo cleared his throat, sticking out his chest “, Well you need to stop, the ‘medication’ you’re taking is causing your blood cells to swell making it harder for them to move throughout your body and organs. They are causing you to have a rapid production of white blood cells, which could lead to Leukemia Mr. Collias.”
I just looked up at him, my mouth partially opened in awe, Juno glaring at me, almost drilling a hole in the side of my head. I stood up and thanked Dr.Apollo trying to stay ahead of Juno. The car ride home was silent, Juno giving me the side eye the whole way.
“Jace Adonis Collias get your butt down here right now… And bring those pills!” Juno bellowed up the staircase. I shot up out of my chair next to my window rushing into the bathroom “,Coming Juno, give me a moment please!?” I yelled back while grabbing the two amber orange bottles. Once I got down stairs I stood in front of Juno with the bottles in my hand and gave her a  look of confusion wondering what she was going to do.
“Luckily you’re okay. But we need to get you on a new medication, Those will only cause you more issues in the long run, you heard Dr. Apollo-” She stated sternly being interrupted by the phone ringing. She walked over to the phone picking it up in an almost dramatic way “, Hello, Uhm yes this is she. Why?” She looked at me her eyes showing fear, then looking away as her eyes began to water. She said yes into the phone then hung up clearing her throat.
“I need to bring you into the hospital tomorrow morning Jace, y-you’re having a surgery. They said that they found something and need to have an emergency stem cell transplant. It’s still small so after the surgery you’ll just need some therapy and monitoring,” She stuttered out her voice cracking. She walked towards me and grabbed my shoulder looking up at me her eyes apologizing, not a word spoken. My vision began to feel that burning sensation of tears brimming, I took a step back quietly excusing myself and walking up the stairs at a faster than normal pace. That night not being able to sleep, restless at the fact that I wasn’t as lucky as I thought I would be.
End of Climax

Jace sat there next to his aunt, waiting for the surgeon to call him in, staring at the wall with a very blank gaze.
“Jace Collias?” A woman in a blue coat and pants came out, Jace stood up an raised his hand in a slight wave. The woman continuing “,Come with me please, I am Dr. Athena, I will be performing your surgery today, Alright?” She stated in a calm semi-friendly voice. Jace waved at Juno as she sat laid back in the waiting room chair. Jace followed Dr. Athena down a long hallway, her directing him to a room, handing him a hospital gown. Jace changed and walked out, one hand behind his back holding the gown together so he didn’t flash anyone.
“Excuse me miss, are you the nurse for the stem cell transplant?” Jace questioned the lady by the door. The nurse turning her head and nodding at him with a smile.
  “Yes, I am, would you like me to take that for you, and guide you to the room?” She answered finishing with a question, her voice soft and friendly. Jace nodded his head an smiled at her, handing her his clothing he followed her to the room. She directed for him to lay out on a bed, handing him a cap to put on, covering his hair. Jace laid out on the bed and placed the cap on, he looked up at the ceiling, mentally praying everything would go well. Dr. Athena walked in greeting him, asking how he was, Jace giving her a thumbs up she smiled back in return.
“I am going to place this mask on you, it’s anesthesia. Just take deep breaths and stay calm and before you know it, this will all be over,” She stated calmly, continuing with a question “,Is that okay with you, Mr. Collias?” Jace nodded his head yes to her in response. Dr. Athena walking over to him placing the mask on his face, then moving to place an IV in his arm and rubbing Iodine amongst his skin to where the incisions would be for the transfusion of blood and immune cells would occur.
Leda, A nurse walked out to see Juno sleeping in the chair, curled up into a ball. Walking towards her she grabbed her shoulder and shook her lightly, Juno sat up abruptly, bringing her hands to her face attempting to rub the sleep away.
“Excuse me Miss. Juno, uhm Jace is half way through the procedure, it should be about an hour, maybe two,” She continued with a question “, In the meantime would  you like anything ?” Juno looked up at the friendly nurse and had a look of thought then her face came to a content state “, May I have some juice, like apple or orange please and thank you?” The nurse should her head and told Juno she would be right back.
A few hours after Jace’s procedure was done he lay in his hospital room awakening slowly with Juno at his bad side, sleeping with his hand clasped in hers. I woke up to see a bright light and hear an annoying beeping noise, I craned my neck to the left to see a heart monitor and some IV’s running  out of my arms. I pulled my hand out of Juno’s to rub my face, her grip on my hand tightening as I tried to pull away, I used my right hand rubbing my face violently. I opened my eyes as wide as I could, the undimmed hospital lights blinding me.
“Juno?” I croaked out, her head slowly raising looking around the room with a questioning look, her eyes finally connecting with me, her eyes growing large.
“Jace! You’re okay, I was so worried about you oh my,” She stated ecstatically, bring me into a tight embrace, almost crushing me.
“Juno I can’t breathe you’re crushing me,” I yelled out my voice sounding strained, Juno leaped off of me, apologizing for squeezing me so much, explaining that she was just excited and happy I was okay. I looked over as the door creaked in and Dr. Athena waltzed in with nurse Leda, waving at me while giving a friendly smile.
“Well it looks like you will recover fast, I heard you yelling while I was out in the hallway still, I think that you will be able to get discharged tonight at some point. Other than that I am going to have you come in once a week for the next month or two to get monitoring and a few more tests done. I also advise that you don’t take any medications other than what I, Dr. Apollo or Dr. Tyche prescribe you Mr. Collias, Sound good?” She finished off with a question. I responded with a smile and thumbs up.
That night I was discharged from the hospital and never took another pill again, other than medication the three doctors that saved my life gave me. Juno and I went home and dumped all the bottles I had and we threw the bottles away afterwards. I never thought that helping depression could almost kill you.
End of Resolution

The author's comments:

This piece is about about a boy who has depression. Jace, the main character takes medication to help his depression, which in irony don't help him, they give him signs of leukemia. Jace and his aunt, Juno, go through heart ache together. 

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