The Safari

March 16, 2018
By Jackson._Doak BRONZE, George Town, Other
Jackson._Doak BRONZE, George Town, Other
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It was 12 o’clock, John and I had just finished our lunch, we hopped in the rented car that was a 2004 toyota 4 x 4 runner, and headed down the rocky path to the watchtower of the Safari, we passed fences of the safari plains, looking in to see tigers, lions and alligators roaming in the tall grass. We finally made it to the ranger watchtower where we met, George, our tour guide. He took us over the massive window that overlooked the plains, and showed us the exact path we would take, through the mud, crawl through the tall grass and run to the tree line. When George said the tall grass my heart stopped beating as I saw all of the lions, tigers and gators. He then took us to the rifle rack for safety, and that's when the thing that I needed to do came into mind. George and John started to file through my mind, and how it would take place.

George took us down to the safari car that had 8 wheels, a soft top and many open windows, it had a sand like design on the side of it. We  jumped in and buckled up, the truck didn’t start immediately and gurgled a little but eventually the motor roared. As we started prowling through the gates to the safari, a couple quails were flying over our heads, and little foxes were troting by.
We pulled up to the mud area, and it looked a lot more wet than it did in the tower, and I believe that George realized this too. Anyway, he kept driving through, we were almost through, when the back right tire started to spin. George turned around and said, “ she's stuck, you ready to walk?”. John and I nodded, we leaped out of the truck into the mud, I fell into the mud and let out a scream as my finger snapped.
As we crawled through the mud, I felt the bone pushing through my skin as I gripped the rifle. Mud was now seeping into my hand as the the bone popped through my rough skin. I let out a muffled scream, trying not to let George and John find out. I attempted to stand up but sank quickly in the mud, I had to pull myself out. My stomach tightened as I pulled with my broken finger. I finally made it out and John and George looked at me with a odd look, I said “What?”. “Nothing, are you ok; we heard a screech” said John. “Yea i’m alright, lets keep going” I said “Alright.” Said George.
We walked for around 10 minutes and showed up to the tall grass, we got on our hands and knees so we could slide through the grass without being seen. We headed into the grass I already wanted to pull the trigger on my rifle, but I didn’t have any other ammo. Lions and tigers passed inches away from me as we snaked through, a 6 foot alligator slithered right beside me, and somehow didn’t see me. As we moved on I heard a step behind me and looked to see George, but when I turned around I was confronted by a enormous lion. It had teeth bigger than my fingers, and it had bloody saliva dripping out of its mouth, I felt the spit hit my forehead, my body was stuck in time, stuck to the ground; I knew I wasn’t going to move. The lion then bolted out of the grass towards a herd of antelopes, I peeked over the grass and saw the lion gnawing on an antelopes neck, as more lions ran to it from the grass. Now was our chance; we bolted to the tree line, and I instantly knew it was time.
Half way through out sprint to the trees I stopped and looked at a elephant, It had amazing ears, bigger than a smart car the size of a queen size bed; I took of running to the tree line then. George asked me why would I stop in the middle of a field and look at elephants.
“ARE YOU INSANE!” Said George.

Breathing heavily I told him “ The elephant had butterfly wings for ears, Blue,black and white wings for ears”. George and John looked at each other and walked out of the tree line to take a look at the elephant that I was talking about. As they walked out of the tree line a evil grin went from ear to ear. They turned around and look at me and yelled “ WHERE!?”
I screamed back at them “ You fell into my trap.”
Four prowling lions crept out of the tall grass and circled John and George then the tigers came and joined the death circle. George and John looked at each other trying to figure out what to do. The lions roared and grunted at the two that were in the death circle, blood coming out from their mouths and hunger in their fiery eyes. The tigers back off for a while because the lions were alpha and if any tiger interfered, they would be instantly torn to shreds.
I shut my eyes as I saw the lion take a massive leap into the middle of the circle, *BANG* I listen to the rifle ring off. I turned around to look at the circle and George and John were single handedly destroying the lions with their rifles. I hid behind the trees as bullets flew past my head. When the gunfire ceased, I peeked around the tree and saw the tigers and 1 lion. The others had been shot to death by the two in the circle, I pulled back the spring loaded trigger and watch the bullet go straight through the eye of the lion. I watched George and John breath heavily from the shooting that had just happened. I heard a massive roar coming from out safari truck, I looked over and saw someone driving a buggy at us at around 80 miles an hour, the driver came to a skidding stop and hit almost all of the tigers.
He hopped out of the buggy and instantly threw a gun at George and John, George caught the long rifle with the barrel pointing up, the man that hopped out of the buggy instantly pointed his gun at me, I asked what did I do?
He said “ You tried to kill George and John WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

I said “ What? I didn’t try to kill them, their my friends I saw a massive elephant with that had butterfly wings for ears.”

John looked at me and started to cry and asked me “ Then why would you say you fell into my trap, huh?”

I said “ What are you talking about I didn’t say that!” There was no chance why was I trying to defend myself. I should just give in to what I was trying, I looked over at the man and he looked at me with the gun still pointed, *sigh*, I looked down the barrel of the gun and said “ Dang you guys were right I did try to kill them and it didn’t work, I stepped on the trigger of the gun, my conscious disappears everything goes black, lonely, forever.
George and John looked at my body, and wondered how they were still on planet earth. George and John hugged each other, and they thanked the other man. They all leaped into the buggy and on the way back, John phoned up the police and told them everything that had happened, and that Fabio had killed himself. The police dispatchers arrived, and George and John had to talk to them how it played out and what happened. John was extremely confused because he had known Fabio for so long and never thought that he was going to snap like that. The police asked John if he was ok right now because of him seeing his best friend commit suicide, John didn’t really have a response he just sat there wondering what he was going to do.
The police went down to the area where everything happened, they saw all the dead animals, and Fabio. They grabbed his body and brought it straight to a morgue for inspection, they carried his body on a red stretcher, with his body covered in a white thick wool blanket. The blood was seeping through the white blanket near the top where Fabio had pulled the trigger on the gun. They placed the body in a massive swat car, that had shotguns and m4 rifles in the back of the swat car. They put the body in the car, and all the officers sat next to it;  one officer hopped in and set down his swat riot shield. I said my final goodbye to Fabio as they shut the door to the truck.
John started to think about his friends and who he can trust. John thought to himself why didn’t he check in with Fabio often? He probably could have stopped the entire scene that had just happened, John learned that he should always check with his friends to check if their ok or if they are going through anything.

The author's comments:

Meet Fabio, and his friend George. Fabio is insane and George doesn't know about it, read through all the broken bone mysteries of the safari.

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