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The Heart And The Brain

March 21, 2018
By Soup1039 PLATINUM, Christiana, Pennsylvania
Soup1039 PLATINUM, Christiana, Pennsylvania
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Chapter One

I saw him walking through the halls the other day. His short, styled hair bounced as if it had its own attitude. He had pale white skin, and crystal blue eyes. He glanced at me, and I almost melted. Clique I know, but it’s true. He was perfect, and I was just so..weird. My hair was always this weird shade of brown, and it kind of flopped wherever it felt like;and that doesn’t even mention my eyes: They were a very dark blue, almost black, so it looked like I always had my pupils dilated.

I shouldn’t of done what I did. I knew I would be rejected, but I asked him anyways. The conversation went badly of course. I should've listened to brain, but I had to listen to heart. Now I’m the laughing stock of the school, and no more closer to telling him my feelings.

Chapter Two

“I told you not to interfere!” Brain shouted.

“I’m tired of sitting in the back seat and doing nothing!” Heart retorted.

“Well, when I’m in control, Emotions doesn’t go haywire!”

“He needs love! He’s in 10th grade. It’s going to be too late if we don’t make a move soon.”

“Studies show that people without love live 20 years longer.” Brain sat at a desk, and shuffled some papers.
“I don’t give a fug about studies!” Heart screamed, knocking over all of Brain’s papers.

“This is why we can’t have nice things, Heart. Whenever I’m in control, he’s happy, and doing well in school. His parents love him. When you’re in control, his grades suffer, and his parents hate him. You almost got him sent to a therapist, for God’s sake!

“When your in control, he’s lonely, Brain. He comes home and wonders why no one's friends with him. He’s going to die alone, wondering what went wrong.”

“But if he gets good grades, he’ll go to a good college, get a good job, and then focus on love. Everyone likes a smart guy.” Brain looked up, and yawned. “I’m tired. We’ll go with my plan. Send down a report to Emotions while I sleep.


“What did you just say to me?” Brain stood up, standing like a mighty oak tree that had withstood many storms.

“I said no. I’m tired of you walking all over me. I want control for once. I don’t care about grades, he needs love Brain. You can go to sleep, but I’m going to find him someone.”

Brain rubbed his eyes, “Fine. I’m not arguing over this. But if he dies, or his grades go below a C, your dead.”
“Alright, dad.”

Chapter Three

When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Might as well give love another shot. I walked up to him, and started talking. I felt like I was liquid confidence.

“Hey Marshall,” I said coolly.

“Yeah, what's up,” he replied, not looking at me.

“Sorry about the other day.”

“It’s fine.”

“Do you want to hang out on Saturday?”


It was set. I was actually going to hangout with him.


Ding dong. The doorbell echoed through the house, and I ran into the hall, and quickly opened the door.

Marshall stood in the door frame, with a polo shirt that showed off his lean figure. God, he was beautiful.

“Sup,” he said.

“You want to hang out in my room?” I replied.

“Sure.” We walked through the house until we reached my bedroom. We walked in, and while I closed the door, he hopped on the bed. I sat on the other side, and we didn’t talk, just sat there. It was odd, the silence wasn’t uncomfortable, just nice.

“About the other day,” he said.


“Are you gay? I mean, like, your always looking dreamily at Adam.”

“Pfff, Adam? God no. I mean, I might be gay, but who knows?” I shrugged.

“Well I mean, I don’t l know if I’m gay or not. Who knows?” He laughed.

“Well there’s only one way to find out,” I said. I leaned over, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He blushed.

“Well, that was unexpected,” he laughed. We smiled, and hugged. Although he was my first boyfriend, he definitely wasn’t the last.

Chapter Four

“I told you we’d be fine. Look, his grades even went up. Not to mention, Emotions reported that he happier than ever,” Heart said, looking smugly at Brain.

“Fine, I’ll give you that. But when he breaks up, his grades will go down, and he’ll be sad,” Brain retorted.
“Of course that’ll happen. He’s not just gonna have one boyfriend for all of his life.”

“Alright, but like I said before. If his grades go below a C, or he does something stupid, your dead. You hear me?”

“Sounds good. By the way, he got home from school about an hour ago. It’s time for his study session. Think you can take over?”


Heart yawned. “Alright, I’m going to go take a nap. See ya soon.”


The End

The author's comments:

Decided to write this after my own personal struggle with self discovery.

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