Living the Dream

March 13, 2018
By eschmitt BRONZE, Holstein , Iowa
eschmitt BRONZE, Holstein , Iowa
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“Bang!” The sound of a porch door slamming shut. “Where am I?” I ask myself. I know I've never heard this sound before!
“Miley wake up, it's breakfast time!”  Who is Miley? I don't know any Miley's, I must be dreaming! What am I thinking! I know in school we’ve talked about taking someone's place for a day. I just happened to be taking Miley Cyrus’s! I can't believe I'm standing in this house, in Miley’s place!
I slowly walked down the hall and down the stairs. The wood floors were freshly sweeped and I smelled bacon cooking on the stove. You wouldn't think anybody lived here, it was so clean and nice! I curiously walked into the kitchen and found mamaw drinking some coffee at the big dining room table.
“Good morning Miley!” “Looks like someone slept good.”
“Hi mamaw, I just had the weirdest dream!” “I thought coming here was all a dream. I woke up looked around and remember where I was.”
“Well I would hope you wouldn't forget about this old place too quick!” “Oh and by the way Miley, I need you to help bring in the eggs from the barn.”
“What!”  “I only have my nice clothes with me, I didn't even plan on coming here to work.”
“Your clothes are in the closet, get dressed and hurry outside.” “You better plan on working and helping around the farm often, you’ve got the whole summer to help.”
The whole summer i thought to myself! That would mean i couldn't go out to Los Angeles to sing.  I would miss my friends so much, and really i don’t know anybody here! I only had friends when i was younger and, when my mom was around to help me get along with others.
I got my boots on, threw my hair back, grabbed the old rusty egg bucket and headed out to the barn. It was a very windy July day, and all I heard was the sound of the trees in the wind. It was only my first day here and i knew i was going to get bored quickly. I was only used to the city lights and the beautiful sights.
“You stupid chickens!” “Stop that, it hurts!” These hens were so protective and crabby! How in the world am I going to get the eggs. For what seemed like forever I finally got all the eggs and hustled inside. “Mama, I got the eggs for you.”
“Thank you dear! ¨I was just starting my pie.”  “Would you like to help?”
“Sorry mamaw I was just gonna head out and ride my horse” “Blue Jeans is still around right?”
“Oh of course honey, she´s out in the pasture.” “I know there's this boy that cares for her while your not around!” ”I can't quite remember his name.”
I hurried out to the pasture hoping nobody would be around. It has been years since i´ve been back home, I was over excited to see Blue Jeans!

“Blue Jeansssss!” “I know you're here.” There she was galloping towards me, her coat sparkling in the sunlight. She was a lot bigger now but, that wasn't going to stop me from taking her for a ride. Beside her rode a man on his brown horse. I remembered to myself what mamaw said. This must be the “Chore boy”.
“Howdy!” “I’m Travis Brody”  “I saw you arrive at the house last night, Ruthie had speaked a little about you coming home.” “I didn't think it would hurt of me saying hello.”
“Well I'm Miley, and this is the house I used to grow up in.” “After my mother died I have just been living my dream in Los Angeles.” “I sing, so taking all this time off will hurt a bit.”
“Miley!” “I remember you, we used to spend time together when we were younger!”
Travis, Travis, Travis? I thought in my head. Did we used to take those long walks down the drive together after school, or run around quickly playing tag?
“Here let me help you.” “We used to take long walks together in the afternoon, or we walked down into the pasture and watched as the sunset finally came out that night.”
How did I forget! I knew Travis, we used to be best friends. We spent lots of time together brushing long dirty hairs off the horses, making the messiest mud pies, and watching the sun paint the sky beautiful colors.
“Travis, I remember that!” “We used to be so close, oh how i miss those days!”
After talking quite a bit longer, we hopped on our horses. This was such an amazing, but nervous feeling being back on my horse again.

“Thank you for already having her saddled up for me!”
¨It's my pleasure.¨  ¨I didn't expect any visitors today, and I was about ready to take your horse for a ride.¨
We talked very lengthy, and before I knew it, it was about dinner time. By now we were walking alongside our horses and slowly took them back to the stable. Believe it or not, this was the first time I had been glad to be back home! I could not wait to replay through my childhood and feel like I knew myself again.
“Hey, do you want to stay for dinner?” I asked quickly.
“Ahh, I have to be getting home.”  “It's pretty late already.”
“Are you sure you don't want just a glass of water?”
“I´m alright, I will be back here again at 8:00 am tomorrow morning if you wanted to talk!” He said laughingly.
He walked me up to the porch door and,  held the door open.
“See ya tomorrow Miley!” He hustled back to his truck, and drove off with his headlights shining brightly as he sped down the dirt road.
Dinner that night was mamaw´s favorite. Cheesy cauliflower soup, with honey buns. All of the family had came over. Everyone was singing cheerfully, and enjoying the
time we were all spending together. Uncle Joe took his guitar outside and waved a hand for everyone to follow.
I was in my room now, getting ready for bed and Ruthie came in.
“I think I should change this wallpaper” She said quickly.
“No I love it.” I knew this was my mom's room when she was growing up, and it was so beautiful. She came over to me spoke a few words, left the room closing the door.
The loud rooster woke me up this morning and I knew it was time to do some sort of work!
“Miley rise and shine” Yelled my dad.
I hustled down stairs in my work clothes and ran outside. I was off to get some more eggs. I only came back with one and everybody was done eating by then!
“Hurry and get cleaned up, were going to the farmers market today.” Mamaw told me.
Later in the afternoon i went to the barn. I nearly crawled up some dusty old stairs with my guitar. Found a seat on a haybale and started playing. I didn't know what words I should sing yet so I was experimenting.
“I didn't mean to bother you but, you have a nice voice.” Travis said surprising me
“Thanks i get told that a lot.” “So did you like my song?”
“It seem like you got almost all the notes right so go Miley!”
I knew what Travis was thinking. He knew I needed to get back into that country swing. He handed me my saddle, I set it on my horse and we were off on a little trip. We spent the whole day riding around, and went down to the creek. We rode the horses
along the water, and time just kept on passing. Before we knew it, it was dinner time.
Travis and I had already remodeled the chicken coop and he was selling eggs. Before I knew it almost 2 weeks had passed. I was practicing on writing new songs, and soon I would be throwing my own country concert for the town people.
Nobody really know Hannah Montana was me, Miley. Well except my family, they were very proud of me. The day came for the festival and hundreds of people had came! I wasn't sure I could do this in front of these people. My thoughts of being Hannah had slowly flew away. I just wanted to be Miley again, and i am sure my dad would approve. I loved it here back home, I wasn't ready to go to Los Angeles soon.
“Honey are you ready for this?” mamaw said quietly.
“Yes Grandma, I'm sure.” I headed out the stage in my sparkly dress and tall white boots. My tall sparkly microphone holder was there waiting for me to sing into it. I grabbed it quickly and started to sing my first song, and the backup dancers started dancing. Then I met eyes with Travis, my dad, and all the other fans I thought I was hiding a big secret from. I stopped, forgot all the words to my song, and everything went silent. I had to tell them the truth, I was tired of being Hannah.
“Guys I can’t do this I’m sorry.” And I slowly started walking off stage. All of the fans yelled, “No, we want Hannah!”
“I want my life back, I love my home here.” I grabbed my wig, slowly pulled it off and let all my brown hair drop out.
“We can keep your secret, if you stay Hannah!!” A young girl with blonde hair said in remark.
Everyone started cheering, “Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!” I saw my dad nod at me. I put the wig back on and finished the concert! I finally felt like I didn't have to keep a secret  anymore, I was glad to be Hannah and not give up on my dream.
This summer had turned out to be one of the best summers. The fair was amazing, the concert went well, and we raised enough money to build the new mall.
I woke up that morning, and wished it all happened. I had dreamt about Miley's whole summer. What else has my mind lied to me about?

The author's comments:

In class we were assigned to write a story about living as a character of a favorite movie. I chose to do mine based off of some of Hannah Montana. I included the part of the movie where she has to go back home to Tennesse. 

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