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Boston Marathon

March 13, 2018
By Hayes03 BRONZE, Sussex , Wisconsin
Hayes03 BRONZE, Sussex , Wisconsin
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The Boston bombing was the scariest thing that happened in my life. This is my story.
I was waiting in the airport in Toronto, Canada on April 14. My hockey team was going to Boston for a hockey tournament. We were all loaded on the plane, starting to make our way to Boston. We arrived in Boston and checked into the hotel we were staying at. We all got our rooms and want to sleep so we could go to the hockey rink. Some of the boys went to go and watch the marathon.
We all got up, got dressed, we walked out of the hotel, and to the hockey rink. We were walking up to the marathon and I had a bad feeling, I ignored it and kept walking. I stood by a boy who looked around eight years old close to the end line. It was 9:19 a.m, we watched till two forty-eight then, my friend said.
“I don’t feel so good,”
“Okay let's go,” my coach said. We started to walk away.
“Come on Haley,” my teammate said. I started to walk faster but I was being
pushed back. Then, I heard a loud boom, I looked behind me and saw smoke
and I started to push forward. Not long after, I heard another loud boom, my
ears started to ring, my back started to burn, the only thing I could see is smoke.
“Haley!” I could barely hear my team calling for me. I fell to the ground, I could tell my back was badly burned. The smoke started to clear and I could see my team was looking for me. I tried to scream but nothing came out, I started to lose feeling in my back.
“Help!” I finally able to get something out of my mouth. My team started to run over to me. My coach ran off to find a paramedic. I started to hear again, I tried to get up but pain shot through my body. I groaned in pain, I saw everyone's worst nightmare. So many people hurt, I saw the eight-year-old boy that I was just standing next to, I could tell he had passed away. My coach and the paramedics were coming back. My eyes started to close slowly. I heard someone say before everything went black was.
“Everything is going to be okay, Haley.”

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