My happy ending Ch. 2

March 26, 2009
By KrazyKaty SILVER, Tyler, Texas
KrazyKaty SILVER, Tyler, Texas
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In a matter of only seconds, Keith is on the floor, unsucessfully trying to defend himself from Calvin's wild punches. "What"s wrong with you man?" Calvin yells angrily still throwing the violent punches. "She said no!"

Though I barely knew Calvin, here he was saving me from an unfortunate event. I didn't even notice him at the crazy and out of control party. Besides, we never said more than a few words to eachother anyways. See, we both went to the same high school, Robert E. Lee, living in the same small town Tyler, Texas. Where obviously drama consequently filled the air. ThogunI was ocnfused about many things that night, I still couldn't understand why he was saving me. Before, he was just another face that lived it's own life outside my little self concious world. Another face that I had refused to notice, because I only had eyes for Keith up until that night. Another face that had the courage and care to stand up and save me. Just another face.

As I pulled away from my awed thoughts I slowly began to realize that the once dark and unfamilar room was now bright with lights revealing its pale blue walls, and unknown and familar faces. Friends and even some family surrounded me. Suddenly I felt the blood rushing to my head making my eye sight blur. Everything from the sight of Keith still nailed to the ground by Calvin, to the faces surounding me began to fade away. The last thing I saw through my dreary eyes was the faint image of what looked like to be an unfamilar hand, reaching for me.

"Are you all right?" was the last thing I heard through my ringing ears in a unknown and concerned voice

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