Story 3/4

March 26, 2009
By Anonymous

“Jim hurry hurry, drive faster were not going to make it!” On November 4 1989 John Tosh was born in the big city of Denver Colorado. John was born into the family of Jim and Connie Tosh. John was a chubby little boy with big fat checks and stubby little toes. Just like every other little baby in the world all John did was cry, at the hospital, on the way home, even in his own little crib.
John was a smart baby though. He was like a little tiny Houdini, he would escape from his crib and crawl all over his little room in Aspen Colorado. As John started to grow up he loved all things having to do with outside especially the snow. His Parents Jim and Connie were both very avid skiers and they worked on the mountain as ski patrol. When John turned two he went out on the hill in their backyard and skied for the first time.
Soon after John was crying every day to go out and ski on the “hubu,” the hill in his words. One day Jim decided it was time for John to go up to the mountain and ride his first chair lift. As Jim pulled into the parking lot he realized that he forgot to get Johns skies. Jim whipped out of the parking lot almost hitting to people. He flew out on the main road leading from their house to the resort. As Jim barreled down the road at about 60 miles an hour he heard the sound of a cop car close on his tail.
Slowly he pulled over and the officer stopped behind him. Jim rolled down the window and said,” hello officer” Jim was hoping his nice attitude would get him out with a warning. The officer said,” license and registration please.” As Jim reached into his pocket at stunned look appeared on his face. He had left his wallet at home. The officer knew exactly what had happened and followed him home to get his wallet. By now Connie and little John had been waiting at the resort for over 2 hours. They were in the lodge having hot coco with Jim called.
“Hi Connie, I got pulled over and forgot my wallet at home, I’ll be back in about 20 minuets” then he just hung up. Back at home Jim was getting a whopping ticket for 300 dollars. If you had seen his face you would have almost started crying. The ticket was for speeding and driving without a license. It had turned out to be a horrible day. Jim drove very slow back up to the mountain and Connie and John got in the car. No one said a word. Connie made and easy dinner and they all went to bed very early. The next morning they woke up to a blanket of fresh snow. Jim and Connie decided this would be the day.
They headed up to the mountain with wallet in hand and skies in the trunk. John had just turned three and was talking up a storm, but the minuet he go out onto that platform to go up that chair his mouth was zipped shut. John made it to the top of the chair and got off with no problem. He skied down the bunny run with no problem and then stopped. This was a miracle he was going to be a natural. As John got older he skied every weekend and was always begging his parents to buy him a seasons pass to Aspen Snowmass. John woke up one morning to a string hanging around his neck. He looked down and it was a pass to Aspen Snowmass. He absolutely went nuts. He ran downstairs screaming “Thank you Thank you Thank You. “ John threw on his boots and grabbed his skies and he was off. That day he turned into a skier.

John started to ski with his friends as he got older and they were always wanting to join this ski club called the Shredders. One day he asked his parents if he could join them and surprisingly his parents said of course. The shredders were part of the mountain so his parents could put him on the team for free because of their working benefits. When John was put on the team he hit it off with every one, his coaches, his teammates. Every one just like John Tosh. One day one of his coaches called Jim and told him that he would like John to compete in a contest that was being held at a nearby mountain this weekend. Jim hesitated a little because John was only nine at the time but he said ok eventually.
John was so excited for the contest because he would be able to see some of the best free riders in the state. As soon as John got their he was stunned. He saw guys getting out of their cars with the nicest skies and the nicest helmets he was so jealous. As soon as John thought about competing against all these big guys he got a sick feeling in his stomach. His coach told him it would all be ok. John hopped on the lift just like any other day but not as confident as normal. He saw one guy after another go and was so impressed by their tricks his jaw would drop every time he saw someone hit the jumps. His coach managed to get his attention and told him” John look over their those are the kids you will be competing against.” He looked over and saw a bunch of kids his size and all of a sudden a burst of energy came over him and it felt like he was standing on top of the world.
John knew he could do it. He went out of the gate like he was trying to catch something miles and miles away. The first hit in the park was a down rail that was about fifteen feet long. John was young so he didn’t do anything fancy but he stuck the landing and it was as good as he could do. His next his was a small jump about thirty feet. John went off that jump like he had hit it a million times. As you could guess the rest of his run went great and he won his age group and the one above it, and once again John Tosh was on top of the world.


“Ahh O my god it John Tosh!” As John walked out of start hut he felt his intensity go up as he listend to the Sugar Hill Gangs newest song. John was at the X Games. This was a whole new ball game for John. The X Games is the biggest extreme sports contest in the whole world, summer and winter. John stood at the top of the 27 foot pipe and took a big breath and dropped in. As he flew up the first wall and into the air all he could see below him was small arms cheering him on, he knew he could do it. The next hit was flawless, a huge cork 9 with a Octo Grab. He made it to his last hit and he knew what he had to do, the Whisky Flip. The Whisky Flip is a double back flip 360 and in the pipe it is harder to do than off a normal jump so this was a big risk. As he launches into the air he looks like a spinning tornado of doom and looks like he is going to eat it hard. As he makes the desent back down to earth he spots his landing and knows he has time for the extra 180. He lands it and the croud goes wild. All the other competitors come down, new comers and old timers but noone is able to beat Johns score. After everyone quiets down the announcer says “At the top raining from Sweden, Didier Cuche. John’s jaw drops as he looks up the hill, is it really him the man the legend the Joker of skiing.
Didier from what people had said was just one bad person. I would win no matter what. If he had to he would break your leg so he wouldn’t have any competition. From what John heard you just wanted to stay out of his way. Didier come flying down the pipe and has the biggest hits by far but they are not as smooth as John’s. As Didier comes throught the finish gate he sees his score and almost faints. John Tosh the first time rookie just beat him by 2 points. John starts jumping around and is cheering and he sees Didier walking up to him. He stops about 10 feet before the giant croud standing around John. John looks straight at him and Didier motions for him to come over their. John Hesitantly walks over to him ready to jump if he trys anything. All of a sudden Didier Smiles and Gives him a big hug and says “ You have just won the X Games O man you are going to be famous.” John backs away and almost passes out he is so surprised. John says thank you probably a million time for no reason and then goes back to his adoring croud. After signing all the autographs he made his way back to his car. Their were probably a million after party’s going on the night but John couldn’t go to any of them because he wasn’t 21 yet. He wansn’t sad or dissipointed because really what he wanted to do was go home and go to sleep. He was exausted because of all the pressure that had been on him lately.
He had a great night sleep and a wonderful dream. He dreamed of winning the X games Which he had already done and going to some place warm to take a break from all the training. When he woke up the next morning he decided to call his parents and ask if they wanted to go out to eat. Of course they said yes and they decided to go to Mrs. Toshes favorite resturant, Jacks Deli. Jacks Deli was a favorite Aspen pancake house. When they got their they sat down and made their orders, John signed a few autographs and T shirts. John ordered his favorite blue berry pancakes. Mrs. Tosh ordered a Rocky Omelet witch was a classic at the deli. Mr. Tosh ordered the breakfast platter witch consisted of more than any single person could eat. It had bacon, egg’s, a pancake and one waffle, sausage, potatoes and a huge cup of surup to boot. All in all this was one of the best breakfast spots in the world. After they all finished up they sat and talked for a while about how busy John’s year had really been. As they all split the bill John remembered he had a doctor’s appointment today. As he ran out into the parking lot he heard a buzzing noise that got louder and louder. All of a sudden he turned around to see a big black Ford F 350 barelling towards him. John had no time to jump out of the way so he had to try to duck under the car. As the car started to go over him he thought he was dead. As he took a breath and opened his eyes the car was almost at him. He dove under and hoped he would make it. As he opened his eyes once more the car swerved and ran right over his leg. John let out a blood curtling scream. He looked down at his left leg and relized that it was crushed. He looked back and saw the car screaming away and out on to the main road. John was screaming like he was dying and thankfully someone heard him and called and abulance. As soon as John was in the ambulance they put him to sleep because the pain was too great. As soon as he got to the hospital they took an x ray to see how bad it was. The x ray printed out and it didn’t look so good. He had a broken feamer and a fractured shin. They were going to have to do major surgery.

6 Hours Later

“Connie and Jim Tosh” said the nurse. Jim ran up to the front desk and said,”can we see our son now.”

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