The Congregation

February 22, 2018
By AtomicOblivion SILVER, Madison, Georgia
AtomicOblivion SILVER, Madison, Georgia
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When George was eighteen, he had just graduated from high school. He was looking for answers to the meaning of life. Then he met him, Guru Faustus. His ragged Beard could match Rasputin’s. His clothing had a colorful contrast, seventies hippie style clothing. He sounded like a pretty low key with it guy and that he knew answers. George talked and gave him a piece of his hair. The next day George saw him again. He told him all about his personality and had him come over to his place. At dinner, he met a few others who had talked to Faustus yesterday.
Apparently, they all had the same problem, and his answers seemed plausible. They all had their personality types correctly described. When Faustus came in the room with the food he asked for their phone numbers and encouraged them to try to get small jobs. Of course hey had to trust him, he has given them everything they could want, Family.
The next day George used his hand.Then he got a call from Faustus inviting him to dinner again at his place. Faustus explained that they needed to make it through college so they would be one step closer to spiritual completion.
Faustus pulled George over to him and said, “If you know anyone that is looking for answers, bring them to me.”
George Replied, “Yes Guru Faustus. I will do what you wish and spread your word.”
The next day came and George went to his friend Ian Garrett and told the wonderful news of Faustus to him.
Trying not to be rude, Ian said, “I will try it out I guess.”
George happily told him the address, 666th street, apartment 13.
George told others of Faustus, he went to his previous church, they welcomed him in. He found himself on the street after informing them of Faustus. An old friend of his, Jimmy, went because it was his friend.
“Friends st’tick t’together G’george.”
They all went to the meeting and were amazed by Faustus’s words of supposed wisdom.
Faustus started the meeting by exclaiming that they needed to pay their share for the entity that he conversed with.
Becky said she lost her job and Faustus lost his goddamn mind.
“Wha-Wha-What! You must get a new job after this meeting! I am giving you one chance to redeem yourself. Don’t... do… this… again.”
After that, the meeting commenced, and George played  Becky’s keep. Faustus exclaimed the critical importance of their work. After the meeting, Faustus pulled George over.
“Good work, my boy. How would you like to be my right-hand man, you are kind to your peers and seem to enjoy them, Hell you even paid for Becky’s keep.”
Over the next week rumors in the group went around. Faustus then confirmed them to be true. All were to move into one abode. They purchased a boarding house with the money they gave to Faustus from every night before. George started to get the best feeling, that he was loved by all of these young troubled souls. Faustus started to talk to them about bringing their family into the group. Some wanted to fully resent the idea.
One said, “My parents beat me as a child.”
Really trying not to be rude Ian exclaimed, “my parents are dead. Their families did not love them like their new one.

Others wanted to just spread Faustus’ word by any means necessary.
“My family will just have to join!”
“Faustus I will spread the word.”
George said to everyone, “Shut up! You will all bring your families if they refuse to come.”
Faustus intervene, “They hate you, and they want you to  burn!”
Many of their families did not come, and Faustus persuaded them that their families didn’t care for them, and he was the answer that would lead them to greatness.
4 years later…. Faustus has doubled his followers and is in connection with seven others.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece about a kid who joins a cult.

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