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the sentence

February 16, 2018
By Makoo BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
Makoo BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
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The sentence
It was the day, David was going to be killed for the crime he committed, the week prior He did not doubt it at all, he said that man had it coming.The crime was committed on 12/14/07. That poor man was working at the deli, and david walked in the store, he says “do yall sell tv’s here” david said with a western accent.”this is a deli we only sell sandwiches and/or meat and cheese”the clerk said with a sarcastic attitude “what did you call me.”david grunted “i did not call you anything sir” said the clerk “so you think i'm stupid huh… let's see who is stupid now.”david jumped over the counter like a bunny pulled out his knife and started stabbing him blood gushing everywhere everyone in the store started screaming and running out of the store, next thing you know the cops arrive not even 10 minutes later, and he was stopped by the police. The poor clerk was found dead on the scene. His wife was contacted and she couldn't believe what happened.she had to tell her kids about the bad news. Then david ended up getting on to death row and his wife katie and daughter beth were heartbroken they had to go to the funeral.turns out the clerks wife paid a lot of money for him to not serve a sentence and just be killed.
“Davids pov”
I wasn't in solitary for long and I was waiting for the guards to open the solitary door and take me to the room for me to be killed for my crimes. I deserve it i chose to pounce on that man and murder him, i was also caught red handed so i couldn't get out of this one. it is time they were here, i was taken to a discrete location in the prison and i saw my wife and daughter and all of the sudden i just started balling my eyes out it was so blurry from all the tears running down my face, it was like a jet stream of water. as i sat in the chair i realized all of my mistakes and i pleaded for my life, i wanted to go back in time and fix all of my mistakes. But nothing ever ends like that.then the lights turned on pointing dead in my eyes an officer had a wet rag and he put it on my head then put an electric helmet on me, it was all my fault i couldn't do anything about it.he flipped the switch and the lights went out pitch black darkness then they came back on, the last thing i heard was a scream “DADDY NOOOO!!!!” then…

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this is revised from it was the day

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