Behind the Mask

February 16, 2018
By Jmink2001 SILVER, Eubank, Kentucky
Jmink2001 SILVER, Eubank, Kentucky
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The first day of summer the wind blew comfortably to accompany the beaming sun. It seemed like everyone genuinely enjoyed the nice weather, until I came across one young couple hidden at the edge of the park. The woman seemed to be covered in faint bruises, she attempted to cover them with makeup, but it was starting to fade because of the heat. You can tell she did this in the past; her long brown hair nearly covered her face, and it would have if not for the breeze.

    The man easily towered over her with at least an extra six inches. His cruel expression nearly slipped past me. His screaming gave it away. Somehow the woman kept a smile on her face, a young child on the swingset controlled her attention. The boy laughed happily, unaware of what happened right in front of him. He paid her no attention but he knew her eyes focused on him and him only. He knew his mom watched over him, even if he didn’t see it.

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