Collecting softball tournament shirts

February 8, 2018
By rayliv BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
rayliv BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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Sad but true, moments won’t last forever and you will not be able to remember every part of them. A huge part of my life is softball and along with softball, come tournaments and they are some of the biggest memories that i could ever make in life. There are some good and maybe some bad but I would never want to forget any of them. So that’s why I collect softball tournament t-shirts, to grasp on the moments from the past and be able to relive them in the present .

       The pictures are good to have and to look back at, but they do not exceed the role when my mind wants to take a trip down memory lane. Many people use collecting certain things to just have a big number of a sort but that is not the case with me. All softball players should collect softball tournament shirts, they are the best way to remember the heart filled times. They consist of the date, place and name on the back, along with every team who was competing in that tournament, including your team. They are also not something that will be taking up space and collecting dirt. The shirts are definitely put to use, not just to remember the great times but you are able to wear them.

      In my lifetime as a ball player, I couldn't tell how how many tournaments I have played in. With that being said, I also can't pull up a full recap and think back to every game played and explain the best times. Recently, I found a box of old tournament t-shirts  way back from 10 and under,(I am now in my last year of 14u moving to 16u next season) I didnt even live in the same state that i do now. It’s funny because once i saw the shirts i was able to just draw imagery and remembrance to my head and i couldn't help but not to just smile because it all hit me. I was able to remember taking first place in one, I remembered a certain game to when we lost by one, I also remembered a moment where I got hurt in a game. All those memories and  more were brought up to mind by just a few simple shirts.

       We all wish for the best moments to be everlasting, for a softball player it's easy to ask for an everlasting game, moment, tournament. That just won't happen, even though it will end, you have an opportunity to fill the missing piece in your heart that misses that day with just collecting tournament shirts. It's easy to forget we all understand that and we also understand it's hard to just pull up and scramble parts to put together to create remembrance . I collect to grasp on the moments from the past and relive them in the present.

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