January 18, 2018
By maceyschmitt BRONZE, Telford , Pennsylvania
maceyschmitt BRONZE, Telford , Pennsylvania
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Casey and Dakota, act quickly to avoid being seen by the purge masked intruders, duck behind the stiff gate house lying on edge of the property. Each breathed large, long breaths, gasping as though these were the last breaths they’d ever be able to take. As Dakota coughed, leaning over and staring at the gravel and twigs, Casey peeked around the corner, staying low to the ground. Lightly tapping Dakota on the knee, interrupting him from what was seemingly a smirk. It’s just dark, Casey says to herself after thinking about it for a second.

“Dakota, who are those people?” she whispers,
“Could be anyone.” he says, biting his lip in deep concentration. Caseys stomach drops and eyes widen as she looks upon the property and is met with a sea of figures in gut wrenching masks. As she begins to open her mouth to tell Dakota that the shirt the one is wearing is similar to one she left at a friend's house, she’s interrupted by a loud snapchat notification.

“I swore I turned my notifications off. I remember turning them off D. I was so fed up with all of the notifications I swear I turned them off.” her sharp jaw, delicate lips, and grey eyes illuminated by not just the white screen, but fear as well “look.”, and now, his dirty blonde hair and brown eyes and chiseled features are too. She demands for Dakota's hand, for her screen now displays a snapchat from someone she’s never added back. You see, Casey rarely adds people back. As a well known party girl, and someone with a heavy reputation, she only adds people that she feels matter. And this person, the one on her screen, is demanding to matter. Because when she looks back down at that screen, she sees a split screen of cameras from all around the renowned large mansion that she’s been hosting parties in since age fifteen, of course her parents don’t know. But that’s because they don’t actually use the cameras attached to every corner, they’re phonies, and very few know it. Already dizzy, she takes her two fingers and shoves them down her throat until she succeeds. Casey Turns to Dakota, both knowing that they have to go back to the house, they sprint. The music becomes audible just as a loud shriek sirens over it and the noise of splattering blood on the glass walls become the bass. She starts running even faster but is interrupted by a familiar hand with a strongly fumed silk cloth, and the target, her mouth. “Dak-” she chokes, but no longer conscious, her delicate body falls to the cold, blood-stained ground. When she regains partial consciousness, eyes still hazy from the cloth, she looks upon a sea of her friends bodies before realizing that her hands are tied behind her back. “Why.” she demands, “do you know who I am? Hello. An answer would be nice thanks.” even in the face of death, she still see’s herself as invincible, and Dakota and every other person she had made feel as though they weren’t enough is about to change that. The room full of bodies begins to shift, their bloody heads now turning to greet her with the same mask that the person across the room staring at her is. They start approaching Casey, slowly taking their masks off as they get closer, until they begin spiraling, taking her with them. She awakes on the marble flooring of her house, surrounded by the same people who had stripped away their masks. Dakota makes his way through the crowd,

“Case? Come with me, let’s get you to your room.” she tries to back away but her head becomes rushed with a party induced migraine. He leads her into her room and pulls the covers over her. “Sleep well C.”
The next morning she wakes up to the smell of pancakes and fresh fruit.
“You’re awake!” Dakota exclaims, “how do you feel?”
“I’m fine, just blacked out really bad, that’s all”
“Aw, oh hey. What do you think about this mask for tomorrow's Halloween party?” he turns, smirking.

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