February 15, 2018
By Noeyy SILVER, Carson, California
Noeyy SILVER, Carson, California
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6 Bacon Strips
At the beginning of summer, my best friend and I finally got to spend time together. Around 1:30 in the afternoon our stomachs growled really loud within seconds of each other. Unsure of what we wanted to eat, we drove to the plaza by my house. He spotted a Wendy’s across the street of the Plaza and asked,
“Is it better than anything this plaza has to offer?”
I told him,
“I never ate there, I am willing to try it out.”
He insisted we go to Wendy’s, so we did. A sweet smell of sensation hit us in the face walking into Wendy’s. We looked to a family of two sitting to the right of the restaurant. The child had crispy golden brown chicken nuggets which looked good. But the dad, had a big juicy looking burger with bacon in the middle, which looked even better. My best friend and I looked at each other,
“I’m getting that!” him and I blurted at the same time.
We approached the cash register and looked up at a menu that seemed endless. We spotted the burger the man had, it read,
“Baconator: a juicy a two 1/4 lb patties with six strips of bacon. Not a single veggie to get in the way ”
“May I take your order?” yawned the cashier.
“Can I get two Baconator combos, please. Thank you.”
5 minutes passed and the Wendy employee yelled out,
“Order 20, two Baconator combos ready.”
I got up and got the tray. I placed our food on the table. In front of us glittered these golden fries with salt sparkling off of them. We can hear the ice fizzling in our cherry cokes. The best part of our meal … our three inch high hamburgers wrapped in red and silver metallic paper. We unwrapped our burgers and our mouths watered. You can see all 6 crispy brown bacon strips. The bacon lied in between two brown patties with melted cheese coming off the ends of them. The stream of the burger rose up to our noses and our eyes rolled back.
We held the burger up to our mouths and took a bite into heaven. You can hear the harps playing and angels singing.
“Woah,” we whispered while looking down at a beautiful piece of art.
Both incapable of moving, we sat there full and completely satisfied. Finally minutes pass, we threw our trash on to our trays and into the trash can. We headed on out of the restaurant, knowing this was definitely one for the books. Getting in the car parked right in front Wendy’s, we stared for a moment. In that moment we realized we carried the same intention, to come back very soon.

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My personal experience with Fast Food

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