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February 13, 2018
By Anonymous

 Every Morning i wake up up and have a game, the opposite team waiting to get this beat down . the opposite team was good but not better than me . after the game my body was as wet as the ocean, and was as red as the color red . that's not nothing , i had games when i was burning and couldn't do nun after the games. My team would play another game for fun after the big game , and i would be sitting there watching hot asf. Everytime i play a football game i'm always the one getting back to back touchdowns every game . my mom would sit there and always wanna take pictures every time after the game . when we made it  to the playoffs i scored 4 touchdowns . the whole season i made 15 all together . when i made it to the all-stars , we played a division way bigger than us but i was still goin money crazy. I had cam newton cleats i liked then.

The author's comments:

i wrote dis because i wanted to tell yall my football life.

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