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February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

The muts was born on the street they grew up very fast, and learn the ways of this type of life. they were born on a cold winter morning with eight brothers. Only three of them made it through the night including him. All of the other dogs passed away due to the cold weather. The brothers ran the streets until dark every day looking for food and a warm place to sleep. Usually they would get food from the baker. The baker was very sweet to the and would let them sleep in the back room of his bakery everyday. The dogs would have to leave before the first customer of the morning would come in. The dogs loved it until the larger of the two dogs ate all the food in the pantry while the others were sleeping. The dogs had left before the baker came in, and seen what he had done. The dogs hid in a alley until the baker came into his shop. He was furious he started throwing the cakes, and called the dog pound to start looking for these dogs. The dogs were spotted a hour later in the alleyway of the supermarket. The dogs bolted through the fence to get away. He and his skinny brother made it out without a problem. The bigger of the three dogs got stuck in the fence and was caught by the dog pound. The other brothers ran and never looked back.

They have been living under a old mans house and eating the scraps he throws out for the vultures. A couple weeks has passed and the old man catches them, and shoots them with a bb gun. The mut’s run down the street out of the range of fire.

They see their brother being walked down the street by a large man. They bark but he acts like he can’t hear them. He keeps his head high and walks on. They follow them hiding in bushes and behind logs. The dogs see him go into a large house with a huge yard. The man come out and goes to his car to leave. The dogs wait till he is out of sight, and move on to the backyard. They sneak in through the vegetable garden, and come up on a pool. The brother is swimming in the pool and having a lot of fun. They are very hesitant around each other because he smells so differently. The mut’s then just jump in the pool, and don’t even care about him. They have such a great time they don’t even hear the man come up the driveway. He goes in the house and sets down his things to go check on his dog. The man screams for joy when he sees two more dogs that look just like his. He calls them and they growl the fat brother gets out of the pool and goes to lay down beside his owner. He calls once more and they start to walk over to him. They finally get to him and he pets the dogs.

They get fed but they are hesitant to go to the food. He kept feeding them and eventually the skinny dog got really hungry and ate some food. Then the other brother followed behind and ate to. The dogs eventually let him pet them. He is sweet to the dogs and now they live in his house. The dogs will never again have to run the streets looking for food or a warm place to sleep. They will have all these things at their new home with their brother. The man has been very helpful. He took them to get their shots and now they are registered through the city.

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