The Friendship

February 12, 2018

Marceline's bright green eyes scanned the words on the computer screen. New Message From Amanda: "Hey, I have nothing to do today. Would you like to meet at the Lakeview Mall?" Her slender fingers hovered over the keyboard as she stared at the message. She was afraid for this day to come, but quickly replied. Message to Amanda:"Sure! What time?" She put her hand back on her mouse and clicked send.

Amanda had told her to meet her in the food court by the pretzel stand at 2:30. It was hard for Marceline to muster up the courage to meet up with Amanda, but she reassured herself that it will be okay. She grabbed her sweater and her purse. Tom, her older brother poked his head into her room. "Hey, where are you going?" He questions looking at his younger sister. "I'm going to meet an online friend, but I'm still a bit nervous." She replied with a sigh. "Marce, don't worry. I'll take you and keep an eye out for you."
They soon arrived at the mall. Marceline sat at a table near the pretzel stand while Tom sat a few feet away at another table. 5 minutes later, a familiar blonde sat in the chair in front of Marceline. Marceline's jaw fell open in shock. She couldn't believe it! It was Amanda Prescott, her worst enemy. "You! You're the Amanda I've been talking to?!" She exclaimed, now full of rage. Amanda pursed her glossy lips before speaking. "Marceline, I'm so sorry for lying to you like that. I just have always wanted you as a friend. I'm truly sorry for this and pushing you down the stairs in fifth grade twice..." Her voice trailed off.

"Amanda, you embarrassed me in front of the whole school!" Marceline snapped, getting up from her chair. "Wait. Please don't go. I'm sorry, what can I do to make you trust me again?" Amanda said, hope glinting in her soft brown eyes.  Marceline sighed, sitting back down in the hard chair. "Prove to me that you are sorry and maybe I will consider trusting you." She muttered crossing her ankles. Amanda sat there thinking for a moment then began digging through her purse.

A few minutes later, she pulled out a beautiful necklace that was very rare, and one of the few of its kind. It had a rose gold chain and a heart pendant that was also rose gold and studded with tiny diamonds. Marceline's eyes widened as she has wanted this necklace for a long time, but not afford the price of ten thousand dollars. "You told that you really wanted this," Amanda began. "So I pulled a few strings and got it for you." At this point, Marceline was stunned. To her, this was a sign of true friendship. "Oh my god. Amanda, thank you! It still may take me a while to trust you but I'm willing to give  a friendship between us a try." Marceline said, tears building up in her eyes. "You're welcome." Amanda said, carefully clasping around Marceline's neck.

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