Mama's birthday

February 12, 2018
By alunaxo BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
alunaxo BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
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The sky was a field of wispy immense clouds. The bright burning sun shined from above onto the girl’s rosy freckled cheeks. She glanced over the tall bouldering mountain at the field of ravishing flamboyant peonies. Today was her sweet kindhearted mother’s birthday and she wanted to surprise her with flowers of her favorite kind. She ran back inside her boarded-up,wooden, house, up the old creaky steps to get dressed for a day in the fields. She ran inside and instantly smelled her mother baking warm vanilla sprinkled cookies. She quickly put on her worn-out periwinkle sneakers and tied the raggedy thin laces into a quick knot. She walked over to the antique yellow mirror and put her curly golden locks into a tight firm ponytail. She gave the mirror a crooked eager smile, knowing that when she returned home her mother would be ecstatic. Before leaving the white speckled front door she leaned over to give her mother a warm tight hug. She locked the door behind her and made her way into the joyous summertime outdoors. To make her way to the beautiful rose-filled fields she had to walk on the pebbled white chalky paths and pass the smelly large farm on the way to the giant juniper green mountain. She made her way out the house’s white Picket fence and looked into the bird-shaped orange mailbox to check for any mail. At last she was able to freely run in the green luscious fields. She quickly and eagerly sprinted in a straight path towards the pebbled chalky dirt roads leading to the gorgeous alluring fields. She happily sprinted down the dusty white path with thoughts of making her mother happy. She felt the warm choppy breezes lift her polka-dotted pink dress and she leaped over the crated muddy puddles. After about a quarter mile of walking down the path she could hear the trotting brown horses in the distance. She was nearing the farm meaning she was getting closer to the fields. She could see the tranquil black spotted cows next to their innocent sleepy young. Across the field were the obnoxious screaming chickens running around their shackled dirty pens. As she passed the numerous grazing horses they gave her a docile look. Looking straight ahead she could see the grassy crumbling mountain ahead. She trudged heavily up the tremendous sharp path using all her might. When she finally reached the top of the peak she took a look at the scenic vast views of endless vegetation. There were tons of flowering flourishing fields of yellow sunshine daisies, dusty pink peonies, and bright orange dandelions. The spring was blessing the planet with blooming gorgeous flowers. She stood in front of the blossoming scenic fields anxious to gather some for her mother. She picked up her straw braided basket and began her mission to find some fresh bright peonies.

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