February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

Hagen was a ten year old girl who loved horses. She had been riding her whole life, and rode every second she could. Her family was big in rodeos and she was known by the whole town. Hagen had Six horses, but Cocoa was her best and favorite.

Hagen had a big jackpot coming up this weekend. She walked to the barn and grabbed her halter and led Cocoa out to the trailer. She tacked Cocoa up and hopped on. Cocoa did excellent but on her final run, Cocoa saw a creature moving in the woods. She reared up, and Cocoa fell on top of Hagen. She blacked out for a while. When she finally woke up Cocoa was gone.

Hagen tried to get up, but her legs just collapsed. Her phone was in her saddle bag, so she couldn't call her parents. She layed on the ground for about an hour trying to get up so she could find Cocoa. Her dads truck started pulling down the driveway.


Hagens dad got out of the truck and started to unhook his trailer. She yelled for her dad and when he turned around and saw her on the ground . He ran down the hill and tried to stand her up but her legs just weren't working. Hagen couldn't feel her legs. Her dad picked her up and laid her in the back seat of the truck and rushed to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital her dad carried her into the waiting room while they waited to get a room. After about ten minutes a nurse came out and sent her to her room. She layed on the bed while they checked out her legs. The nurse walked out of the room with a paper that she had been writing on.

The nurse peeked in the door and called hagens dad out into the hall. Five minutes later the nurse approached Hagen.

“I have some bad news, we may have to amputate both of your legs. This means you won't be able to ride anymore.”

Hagen was devastated. That meant she wouldn't be able to ride this weekend in the jackpot. And riding was Hagens life. She wasn't just going to give up on her horse because of her legs. Then something in her head clicked. She could still ride if she got prosthetic legs.

Hagen meationed her idea to the nurse. The nurse liked her idea but it would cost a couple thousand dollars. Her dad hasn't been making alot of money at work lately. He didn't have enough to pay for the prosthetics.
When her mom showed up at the hospital, her dad told her about the incident. Then he left to go look for Cocoa.
After days of her parent looking for cocoa, she finally appeared. They called Hagen right away and told her. She was so happy. Until the nurse walked in and told her that her legs were getting amputated at seven in the morning.

Hagen laid in the hospital bed and look up to the ceiling until she fell asleep.

The next morning at seven o'clock, the nurse walked in with all of the equipment. She gave hagen medicine and waited for it to work. After her surgery it took 20 minutes for her medicine to wear off.

After day of being in the hospital, Hagen got to go home. The nurse brought in a wheelchair and Hagen rolled to the truck. When she arrived home her dad rolled her out to the pasture where cocoa was.

Having no legs was very hard for her, and she just sat around all day watching tv. Her birthday was tomorrow, and her dad said he had a big surprise. Hagen went to sleep early and had been woken up by a loud noise outside in the barn. She got in her wheelchair and rolled out there. She opened the door and could not believe it.
There was a big sign that said “Happy birthday” and under in was a box. When she opened the box her eyes lit up.

“Prosthetic legs!”
Her parent walked into the barn and put them on her, and stood her up. Hagen was amazed about how good she looked. Her dad walked her around in a circle a couple times and when he let her go she just fell. After a couple tries of not being able to do it, Hagen gave up.

“There’s no point. It wont work. This is stupid. I give up.”

Then her mom had a good idea, physical therapy! Hagen thought maybe this couple be the only way she could get back on a horse, so she wanted to try it.

Every tuesday and thursday she went, and each time she get better and better. After about ten weeks of physical therapy she thought she was ready to get back on. Her dad saddled Cocoa up and carried Hagen out there. He lifted her up and she started walking and trotting. Hagen couldn't hold herself on.

“I’ll be right back.” Her dad said. Five minutes later he brought out velcro. He put it around her legs and on the saddle.

“This will keep you on.”

Hagen hopped on and was stuck to the saddle. She walked Cocoa around the barrels and weaved through them. As Cocoa got faster Hagen she got more excited, she couldn't believe it.

Friday night, the jackpot was all she could think about. She layed in her bed looking across her room at all the ribbons she has won over the years. Cocoa and her have done so good, winning one of the top five every race.
Saturday morning, Hagen groomed and washed Cocoa while her dad hooked up the trailer. She rolled her wheelchair over to the truck, and her dad lifted her up. Then on they went to the jackpot.

When they arrived all you could see was hundreds of horses trailers and trucks. Hagen hadn’t ever seen anything like it. She was only ten years old which meant she couldn’t barrel race with the older kids like she wanted to. The announcer called out the order, and Hagen was seventh. Before she new it the announcer called her name.
“Next up is Hagen Jonas!”

Hagen got Cocoa in the alleyway, and when she whistled it almost felt like Cocoa was going the speed of a rocket. She whipped around the first barrel, then the second, and the third!

“Perfect! What a great run, we might have just met the arena record for tonight. 16.12!”

Hagen approached her dad with excitement. She never thought she could have done it.

She gave Cocoa treat, and thanked her for making her run amazing. At the end of the jackpot she annoncer announced all of the places. Hagen was in first! She went home with joy, and she couldn't be more happier.

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