February 15, 2018
By MaskedBeauty19 BRONZE, Stetson, Maine
MaskedBeauty19 BRONZE, Stetson, Maine
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This is a description of what it's like to deal with depression. How it feels to be in the dark all the time and how it feels like you're being tortured by a nonphysical being. 

Chapter 1: Depression

Depression, it's like a black hole. No matter how far away you think you are from it, it can still suck you right in.  It can still devour you into it's dark shadowy depths. I look at depression like this, you know when you're younger and you're scared to leave your foot out in the open. because you're afraid the monster under your bed will grab it and pull you out and eat you. That's depression, depression is the monster and you are your foot. You can just be hanging there with not a care in the world but then that monster called depression comes out of the shadows and pulls you in. He drags you into the dark and tortures you with pain, self hate, self consciousness and self doubt. He makes you miserable, then he'll let you go and allow you to think you're getting better and that you're no longer depressed. But as soon as you get to the point of thinking you're no longer depressed , he'll come back out and bite you. Depression isn't something that can easily be shut offIt's something that people just have to learn to deal with. People also need to learn to be loving and supporting of those dealing with this demon called depression. 

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