Best week ever

February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

The whole week my best friend Brook and I had the house to ourselves.  It was in the summertime on July 16, 2017, on a Wednesday afternoon when my mother came in from a long day of work and said that she had to go to a meeting for work in Dallas, Tx, and would not be returning home till Sunday, so she was leaving her car and the credit card for us to use in case we needed anything.  Mom told us not to have any boys at the house, but while she was gone we could invite our closest girlfriends over and she would talk to their parents about how responsible and trustworthy we would be to be left at home alone.  Believe me when I say, that mom would call to check up on us often because she was hesitant in leaving me with a house full of giggling girls.  Brook and I started jumping up and down because we were excited about the fun we were going to have without any adults to tell us what to do.  When our girlfriends Arianna, MaLiyah, and Mai showed up at my house, we immediately started making paper flyers for the party we were planning to throw on Friday night.  We posted on snapchat that we had the house to ourselves and the keys to my moms car if anyone needed a ride, we could pick them up.   So, then these boys Dae Dae, Kd, Ryan, Jarrell, and Newsome, from our second period Spanish class, begged us if they could attend the party since our parents were out-of-town!  During our party planning, Dae Dae informed us that his mom worked at the same job as my mom and we could come to his house and go swimming in their big fancy pool.  My girlfriends and I didn’t even think twice about the consequences of what my mom said about being around boys, so we jumped into my moms car and sped off.  I was driving and I wasn't scared because I had driven before, but I usually had my mom in the car so this time I was showing off in front of my girlfriends, and they were impressed.  So, on the way there we were discussing our plans and playing loud music and trying to figure out which boy would like which girl.  Everyone was just chilling by the pool and talking about how fun it was without supervision, then I heard one of the boys say that they were going to have a party also, so I volunteered and said, “Why don’t we have two big parties, then we all can attend both celebrations?”  Then Brook said, “Why don’t the boys throw a pre-party on Thursday here at their pool, and then come to our party on Friday at MaeMae’s house?”  Guess what?  Everyone loved my idea, so we had two parties to look forward too.  In the meantime, Dae Dae and I went to the store to buy some junk food and stuff that we knew we would for the parties, while the others went and bought party decorations for both houses.  As we were walking through the store nonchalantly, Dae Dae says, ‘“Mae do you have a crush on me?”  I was so surprised at what he asked me that I didn’t respond outloud, but in my head I thought Duh, I’ve been liking you since the sixth grade grade. I was so dumb founded by what he asked me, that I didn’t even hear this little old lady saying, “Excuse me young lady-your in my way!  Now move it!!”  I then jumped out of her way because she was about to run me over with her buggy full of old lady stuff.  Then all of a sudden, Dae Dae asked the question again, “Mae-do you have a crush on me??”  I mumbled very softly, “Dae Dae...yes I do.”  I didn’t want to look up in his face because I was kinda embarrassed, but when I finally looked at him eye-to-eye, his face had such a big smile on it that I started blushing and my stomach felt like there was a hundred  butterflies chasing each other around.  We continued shopping and fifteen minutes later, we were done and on our way back to his house, and I swear that was the best shopping day of my entire life. Next thing I knew, Dae Dae and I were on snapchat posting pictures and videos as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend, while all our school friends were sliding up on my snapchat asking, “ Is 
Dae Dae your boyfriend girl?”  I said, “Not yet!” But in my head I was thinking maybe one day.  We finally made it back to his house and everyone was sitting around the pool waiting for us and jamming to some music, when everyone yelled at Dae Dae, “Cut the music off!  All of us girls got a little mad because it was our favorite song playing, then the boys laughed at us and told
Dae Dae to quit tripping and turn the music back on, and then to my surprise Dae Dae grabbed his  phone and was on snapchat recording as he asked me, “Will you be my girlfriend?”  Then as I was standing there looking so shocked as he was holding a princess ring with the date 7-16-17 on it, I was in love and couldn’t wait for everyone to know I was Dae Dae’s girlfriend.  Then all of a sudden my cell phone started ringing like crazy, it was my mom, I answered thinking that she was just calling to say good night and sleep tight, but no-she started screaming and yelling, “Where are you and my car Kamayyah?” I was kinda confused, because she should be in Dallas somewhere in a meeting with her job, but little did I know she had left a message on the home phone saying that her meeting was cancelled, and she would be home to cook dinner for me and my girlfriends.  At that moment in time, I couldn’t think about being in love with Dae Dae or the pretty ring he had given me, all I could think about was how much trouble I was in when I make it home.  So, was this the best summer of my life or the END of the best summer of my life.

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