Middle School Debate

February 6, 2018
By NyaMack BRONZE, Houston, Texas
NyaMack BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Middle School Debate


• Ms.Clinton
• Ex. Pres Trump
• Ex. Pres Obama
• Marcus (Student)
• Sarah (Student)

In an alternate universe at School were Ms.Clinton teaches. This is 2 months after Trump has been out of office from his 2-year term.

Ms.Clinton is a Political Debate teacher, who is having trouble explaining the importance of Political Debate. So earlier that day she calls former presidents Trump and Obama. Even though they don’t get along very well they end up teaching the kids an important lesson.

(Scene 1 opens up to classroom with 5 minutes of school left the teacher anxiously looking out the window and at her watch she had a plan for a particular 2 students.)

Ms.Clinton: Thank you everyone that presented except for Sarah and Marcus (After a pause) Again. You guys may talk for the last 5 minutes.

Marcus: (Talking to the guys while sitting down on top of his desk) I didn’t do my presentation because I cant stop thinking about how I can’t wait to go to the Skate park later and shut Darien up with all that mess he’s been talking about. He can’t even beat me in 2k.

(Focus shifts to Sarah just as she feels it should always be)

Sarah: (Sitting in desk legs crossed and makeup mirror out while talking to friends) I would have presented today it’s just I didn’t want to mess up my nails on the podium I just got a refill.

(Ring-Ding went the bell as everybody tried to rush out of the class, but they were to slow for Ms.Clinton she darted across the room and let everybody go except Sarah and Marcus.)

Marcus: I didn’t do it I swear it wasn’t me it probably was that Darien.

Sarah: What’s your obsession about this guy Darien do you really think about him this much?

Marcus: I hate him I cant wait to take him down he’s my worst enemy he thinks he’s better than everybody else.

Sarah: Mhmmmm

Marcus: That’s it, the only reason I say his name

Sarah: (Rolling her eyes) WHATEVER

Marcus: Seriously (Pauses)… I don’t need to prove myself to you. You’re just a shallow girl with nail refills.

Sarah: And you’re just…

Ms. Clinton: (Interrupting Sarah before she could finish) I’d hate to stop you guys because this is the most debating either of you two have ever done in my class since you’ve became a student at Mclair Middle, But there’s a reason I had you two stay after school today.

Sarah: (Whispers) To punish us

Ms.Clinton: (Who has keen ears) NO. Not to punish you, but to educate you. 

(There’s a knock on the class door and a big commotion and glass breaks in the distance as a cat yelps. Ms.Clinton runs to look out the window and sees two black limos)

Ms.Clinton: Oh no they weren’t suppose to get here at the same time.

Marcus and Sarah: (Say in unison) who wasn’t supposed to get here at the same time.

Ms.Clinton: Your former presidents.

Marcus and Sarah: (Looks quizzically) What!

(Ms.Clinton opens the door to see two feeble men race-walking down the hall to get to the door first they charge through Ms. Clintons door and tumble as they entered. Obama tries to get up.)
Obama: Looks like the win…

(Trump pulls him to the floor and steps on Obamas back)

Trump: …Is me. Hi Hillary (He says in a loud obnoxious voice)

Ms.Clinton: Hi Donald the rea…

Trump: For my glamor shots. I know, I know.

(Obama uses table to stand up)

Obama: Nobody wants pictures of your wiltering body. (Obama makes these up on the spot) Anyways Hill, Hilly, Hill Billy, Tiger Lilly what’s up why did you invite this dimwit and me.

Ms.Clinton: Well two of my students, Marcus and Sarah are…

Trump: (Cuts Ms.Clinton off again) Oh they must be big fans of me.

Marcus: (Marcus says mater of factly) I’m not, my parents aren’t fond of you at all. They said you’re a dumb pig who was trying to make a profit off the country.

Trump: (Getting angry) Well you can tell them…

Sarah: (Cutting trump off this time) How dare you Marcus? (She says this with great emphasis) You must be out of your simple brained mind. Trump is the greatest president of our time its an honor to have him here.

Obama: You didn’t pay her to be here did you Trumpy. It must either be that or her parents must be some darn Republicans.
Marcus: (He says this very sure of himself) They are they’ve been to his entire rally they treat him like some type of god or something. Her parents are loaded too.

Trump: Just because her mom isn’t on Medicaid and has her dad around, doesn’t make them rich Marky.

Marcus: First my Dad is an Engineer, and my Mother a doctor. Second don’t call me Marky.

Obama: Isn’t it so sad that he automatically decides what someone will be or act like by the way they look.

Sarah: Ok so what if some people think about the past of some peoples races before they speak.

Obama: You are one prejudice child, but I know it’s not your fault you weren’t raised in a good society.

Trump: That’s Fake News Shut up!

(Marcus laughs)

Trump: What’s funny you imbasil.

Marcus: (Out of breath from laughing so hard) It’s just… Its just I didn’t think you said that for no reason in real life.

Obama: (This is said with much excitement) Right! We were talking about the white house and I told him the air force 1 plane was really nice, and he screamed Fake News! I was trying so hard not to bust out laughing.

(Obama starts laughing now)

Trump: (Talking to Sarah) Look at those monkeys laughing about such a serious topic that’s why he had to go.

Obama and Marcus: What did you call me.

Sarah: A freaking M-O-N-K-E-Y

Obama: How dare you call me that, and for the record I was in office for 4 years and you 2. So by the American peoples vote YOU are the one that had to go.

Trump: At least I’m better than the horrible President we have now she use to own some boring stupid show.

Marcus: (He says this plainly) Oprah Winfry that’s crazy you don’t even know your current president.

Sarah: Its not like she’s done anything in office in the past 2 months.

Marcus: It’s been a year and four months. She’s actually done so much since she’s been in office she made a cheap and affordable health care…

Trump: Which she stole from me.

Obama: Which you stole from me.

Marcus: She made most colleges and schools free to the public. She’s put up 800 different shelters in 45 different states. She’s made becoming an American citizen a lot easier and user friendly.

Sarah: Why? So people from all these different countries can bring drugs and take our jobs?

Marcus: Believe it or not there’s a lot more people seeking shelter or have come to better the American culture, than those to hurt it. If there are some drug dealers or such, president Winfry has remodeled every police station in the 50 states and raised the salary for police officers. So I think we’ll be just fine.

(Ms.Clinton is at her desk admiring how well her plan has come together)

Ms.Clinton: Thank you Sarah and Marcus for presenting you guy did great.

Sarah, Marcus: What?

(Ms.Clinton, Trump, and Obama high five.
Ms.Clinton: Since August when you took this class you haven’t debated not once. So I called up some old friends of mine. They just happen to be Ex-Presidents. I asked them to fake an argument to get you guys into it.

Sarah, Marcus: So this was all a set up. I feel so dumb.

Ms.Clinton: Yep Mr.Obama and Trump have been friends for months now.

Obama: Yep

Ms.Clinton: You guys can go now. Its 5:30 you can still make you nail appointment and Marcus you can still play 2k.

Sarah: Do we have to? It was fun debating.

Marcus: Yea please? Can we stay?

Ms. Clinton: Of course you can (She says smiling)

(The lights fade with Sarah and Marcus laughing as the curtains close)

The author's comments:

My teacher Mr.Dostert inspired me to write this as did current topics.

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