The last day

February 6, 2018
By Makoo BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
Makoo BRONZE, Sanford, Florida
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It was the day

David was going to be killed for the crime he committed, the week prior

He did not doubt it at all, he said that man had it coming.The crime was committed on december 14 2007 That poor man was working at the deli, and david walked in the store, he says he remembers the day the man was being so rude and called david stupid, david said that everything was blurry and he just jumped over the counter like a bunny pulled out his knife and started stabbing him until he was stopped by the police

“Davids pov”

I was waiting for the guards to open the solitary door and take me to the room for me to be killed for my crimes i deserve it i chose to pounce on that poor man and kill him over an insult it was probably my fault for him to call me stupid but that still wasn't right to call a stranger stupid unless you were joking but it is time they were here i was taken to a discrete location in the prison and i saw my mom wife and son and all of the sudden i just started balling my eyes out it was so blurry from all the tears running down my face. as i sat in the chair i realized all of my mistakes and i pleaded for my life and i wanted to just go back in time and fix all of my mistakes.

But nothing ever ends like that i died that day a very painful death, and it was all my fault i couldn't do anything about it.

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