Full Circle

February 5, 2018
By FHayden BRONZE, Lake Mary, Florida
FHayden BRONZE, Lake Mary, Florida
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No one knows where she went. One day at school, the next gone. Her foster parents weren’t surprised, she seemed to not being doing well after being found living on the streets. She never spoke. No one knows what actually happened on that day. Only her. The teachers said she was a troubled kid. No friends. Bad grades. Confused. Disliked. Alone. But now she was more alone than ever.                                                             

There she was, walking home from school. Her name, Willow. Her parents named her that to be unique and fun. They were special, and she loved them. She used to be a cheerful and full of happiness as a young girl, but she’s not like that anymore. After that frightful day, she was drastically changed.

And, there she was walking home from school to her foster family, her fake home. She was a stylish girl but no one ever noticed because she hid behind a shield of her long brown hair. Other students would mess with her, call her names, names that shouldn’t be said to anyone. She just keep her head low. Letting her flowy, straight, slick hair slide in front of her eyes while she escaped the campus, walking home, moping. Maybe no one will talk to me, if I look down the whole time. Her once white converse have turned a light brown after walking in the the dirt to her fake home every day. Nobody else was around her, they all had flown by her on the way home, excited that it was spring break. Whereas she barely moved forward, nothing to look forward to, no one to rush to see. No place for her to rush to. Her mind was full, it always is now, but not the way it should be. Bad thoughts are all around in every crevice and dividen. No room for anything but, those thoughts. Those repetitive stabs with a dagger that gets thrown around her head all the time. She carried the weight of her parents psychotic deaths on her back. She knew everything that went down, whether the cops believed her or no. Splish Splash. She stepped into the mud without realizing it. Great, just great, She thought after remembering that she should probably pay more attention to where she was walking instead of her mind. It had been raining for the past 3 days straight. Willow stopped suddenly in her tracks. She knew something wasn't right. There he was. That man was the person who slaughtered her parents while she hid in the closet. The little girl watched the entire thing. She was just a child, who had experienced something traumatic , nobody could tell if what she spoke was accurate. Most called her insane, resulting in her being sent straight to Child Protective Services. Her brain flipped back to that night. All the images flooding back into her head. She felt her eyes getting full. She knew the tears were coming. By now every other student was long gone, far away, probably home with their families, a mom and dad, maybe even a pet. Something she will never ever get to have, because of a gruesome creature like this person. It was just her and the man who stole her parents from her. He was getting closer. Probably around 75 feet away. She has to do something, she knows. Paralyzed, looking up to the sky she felt the raindrops hitting her face. They hit the tall trees then catapult to right under her eyes. She couldn’t tell if they were tears or just rain. 50 feet. He is running now. Stunned by this reality she comes to her senses. Abruptly she turns around sprinting to be free of his glare. Due to never running she isn’t nearly as fast. Turning her head she saw him again. 25 feet. She screams and screams for someone to hear her. No answer on this abandoned school street. Alone. The tears now flooding like a waterfall. She is drenched from the rain and sweat or maybe it was just the tears. More bad thoughts clambered there way into her head. You shouldn’t try. It’s over. He has you.  With that she slows down to a halt. She turns 180 degrees to face him. He is walking now. Right up to her. She sees now how gigantic he is. So much bigger than her. Facing her fears, she spoke.
“You filthy piece of garbage! You’ve ruined it all!” From his face she could see how stunned he was she spoke with such rage and confidence. She was even a little shocked it came out so bold, so strong. He stepped forward putting his hand directly on her shoulder. His pale devilish face stood out like a sore thumb.
“Oh, young child,” he smiled hauntingly. “You must be confused. I never did anything horrid like that. I do what’s right.” She shoved his boney skeleton-like hand off of her shoulder.
“Don’t be silly. I know what you have done! I was there. You, you are dumb. An idiot. You are the devil on Earth! ” Her bravery was stretched thin, and her tears came back, a couple dropping out during her words. Her heart was racing. His attitude shifted into something more frightening. The look of pure anger and hatred.
He spoke with such fury, “Willow! You don’t know anything. Hiding in that closet was a mistake, one that I now must correct. You were never there. You don’t exist. You weren’t supposed to be there, you were not there.” She stood there, wobbling and shaking all over the place. She was frightened and freezing from the rain or maybe it was all the tears. He reached into the back of his black, worn pants. There seemed to be something in the back near his belt All time stopped. Her thoughts racing. A loud yelp echoed around her head. Who was that? What just happened?
Her thoughts slowed as the man disappeared and her parents showed up. They both were glowing. They reached out their hands to Willow. Happily, she took their hands. Without fear she skipped with her parents down the street, just as she did, when she was young.

The author's comments:

I really enjoyed writing this piece. It was so different from me, therefore it was fun to get out my comfort zone. 

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