The Best Friend

January 31, 2018
By Anonymous

Best friend(n): Ones closest and dearest friend

Four pink walls surround me as I lay flat on my back across the springy mattress that creaks every time a make a singular movement. There I am silent but not at peace. A thousand thoughts cross my mind and begin to hit me like a ton of bricks. The one thing that sticks is “how could she do this”.  Your Best friend is supposed to be the one who is always there for you, your shoulder to cry on, and the person you tell everything to. Not the one who ruins your life. Amelia and I met way back in elementary school. 2nd grade to be exact. We have had an unbreakable bond up until now.

Who would’ve thought that that dumb guy would’ve gotten between us but he did. He did in a way that I could’ve never imagined. I woke up the morning of March 29th to a flood of messages from people who I am close with but not nearly as close as Amelia and I were. They all said the same thing. “ Amelia is with Scott”.  Scott and I were together for almost two years before things abruptly ended.  A million thoughts flooded my mind at once. “Why is she with him, Why didn’t she tell me, I didn’t even know they talked.” 

My first thought was to call her. But then I realized I couldn’t. What if she was still with him? I didn’t want him or her to know that this bothered me. I could put my wall up like I have done in the past and try to ignore this. But my anger and frustration was so strong that I couldn’t. I decided I would call her later that night.

I spent all of that day speaking to those closest to me trying to figure one thing out… why? Amelia knows more than anyone how heartbroken I was, and still am. Amelia herself has experienced heartbreak just as bad if not worse than me.

Scott was the type that I knew wasn’t right for me but couldn’t avoid. He always knew what to say. He made me laugh like no one else ever has before. He was tall, handsome, and what I thought was perfect.

Our relationship certainly wasn’t perfect though. The whole thing was a lie. As I mentioned earlier it ended abruptly after nearly two years. Scott cheated on me. The questions that spontaneously erupted into my already scrambled brain was how after everything we have been through, how could he do this?  He still continued to play with my emotions now. I thought this was all over. Just when I thought he had walked out of my life, there he is back in it once again.

As the day went on I let my thoughts get the best of me. I began to overthink everything. I decided now was a good time to call Amelia. I couldn’t take it anymore. As I dialed her number I became increasingly anxious. As I finally gathered up the courage to hit the button to call, my phone began to ring. Amelia had been calling me. I let my phone ring for about 10 seconds before I answered it. It was the longest 10 seconds of my life.

I nervously said hello to Amelia and we began to have a normal conversation. It was odd to me that she hadn’t mentioned anything about Scott. She was just talking to me about her day and gossiping like we usually do. That’s when I decided to say something.

I calmly asked “ Why were you and Scott together”. Amelia immediately put her wall up and was insanely defensive. At that moment I realized I wasn’t talking to my friend, and that I was talking to a complete stranger. Amelia wasn’t herself.

She began to yell at me and state that it was nothing to worry about. I continued to explain that it was just weird that my best friend of almost 10 years was with the guy who broke my heart, and shattered it into a million pieces.

A couple weeks later things with Amelia got worse. We went from inseperable to not saying a word to each other. I tried to see past Amelia and I’s issues. Maybe she was right. I was overreacting. I tried to convince myself. Scott and her were nothing. Boy was I wrong though.

Amelia and Scott made it official right before summer break. It hurt a lot. But I tried to move on. I couldn’t let Scott ruin our friendship.  Amelia and I continued to be friends but it wasn’t the same. I did everything in my power to make our friendship last. It was Amelia who decided it was time for it to end.

I always had wondered who the girl that Scott cheated on me with was. Believe it or not I never actually saw her. All  I knew about her was that her name was Mel. Or at least I thought that was her name. He would always get messages from someone named Mel and I never thought anything of it until I had taken his phone one day and there it was, a nice message asking when he was going to finally end it. “It” being our relationship. I went through all of Scott’s old messages and him and Mel had been talking for way to long for me to even find a start. They weren’t just friends chatting about their days either. Scott was in love with Mel.
I resented this Mel girl. She was the topic of every conversation Amelia and I had after Scot and I broke up. My anger towards Amelia caused me to forget all about her though.

Summer came and went and now it was time to start up school again. I was nervous about seeing Amelia and Scott. I prayed both of them weren’t in any of my classes. I couldn’t face them. I made it through the whole day without encountering either of them. It was finally last period the bell had rang and I thought I was safe. To my surprise the door had opened and guess who was standing in the doorway. Scott. Scott came and sat in the empty desk next to me like it was a game. He was looking for me to react but I refused to. A couple minutes later he had gotten up to use the bathroom and left his phone out on the desk. It beeped and I looked over and the name Mel lit up the screen.

I couldn’t believe he was still talking to this girl. Not only did she get between mine and his relationship but now she’s going to get between his and Amelia’s. I couldn’t let Amelia go through what I had.  I needed to call her.

I didn’t expect her to answer but I at least needed to try. To my surprise she picked up and before she could even mutter any words I screamed it. “Scott sat next to me in class and when he got up to go to the bathroom his phone beeped and I looked and it said Mel. Amelia I am so.”  Amelia cut me  off before I could finish. All she said was “I am Mel.”

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