January 30, 2018
By Anonymous

It was July, high summer, but there was something awfully insubstantial in my surrounds ever since I left out of town with my parents. Where I lived was a place where everywhere you go was a feeling of comfort. That feeling faded away as my parents drove away, I could see that my brother felt it too. Kyle and I had a strong bond, but just like any siblings, we got into fights from time to time. My most profound memory from childhood was when we would play in the woods, I used to be scared but Kyle wasn't because of him we did all kinds of things. As we got older things changed, Kyle and I are not as close as we used to be. That would soon change, for we were about to have a terrifying experience of our lives.

  As I got out of the car, I saw the floor was damp and the wind howled and blew a bitter chill past the dead leafs. This wasn’t something I would see back in hometown. While my parents gather the materials for our camping trip, I glance around the woods with my brother, hoping to see weird and unexpected things flying by our surroundings. As Kyle and I wander around the wood, we saw a stream bed that with bringing back memories when we used to be kids. The steam bed was like a game where we jump over the rock without touching the water and make it across the other side. “Hey Kyle, wanna have a race on who gets to the other side first?” I said in a confident tone. “Sure, I bet I can beat you first!” said Kyle.

We dashed along the rocks, hoping they make it first across the other side. As I dashed over the rocks, I tripped over and landed on my knees. Getting soaking wet from after that fall. Kyle stopped and turn back to make sure I was alright. We ended our match and pull up on the side of the stream bed. We decided to held back so I could get a change of new clothes. As we held back to which our parents were, appears to be nowhere in sight. I was getting anxious for not being able to see our parents anywhere. “I bet we just went the wrong way.” Kyle said as he went back the other way around. I put my faith in Kyle as we went the other side of the stream bed.  Turns out Kyle plan ended up having us in the same situation again.

The sky rapidly gets darker, the temperature begins to drop as we continue on looking for our parents. “What should we do now? It’s getting colder by the minute.” I said as I shiver in the coldness of the night. “We should make a fire to keep us warm for now,” Kyle said as started gathering around broken stems of wood. I try to make a fire as he gathered up wood. The fire went on as it gives me its warmth to keep me from shivering. I raised up my head to see the clever blue sky of the night, as I watched the bright collections of stars, I see the smoke getting in the way of the view.  “I wonder if our parents could see this smoke rising up towards the sky like that,” I said while looking towards Kyle now. “You’re right. Maybe they can see the smoke and think that it’s us trying to get a sign that was other here.” Kyle said with an exciting tone.

Soon I saw something brightly huge moving in the sky. It was coming throws the smoke of the fire. Kyle and I thought it was aliens coming to get us so we end up hiding in the bushes. What came down upon us was a helicopter. The man who called our names was looking for us. Along with was in the helicopter was our parents as well. We got in within the helicopter and went back to where we started. I would never forgive this day and I will always remember that never leave someone else behind.

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