Dear Brother

January 29, 2018
By MadHatter2018 BRONZE, Katy, Texas
MadHatter2018 BRONZE, Katy, Texas
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Water sprinkled on the  coffin as the clouds slowly covered the sky the birds stood motionless without making any sound like they knew what was going on, the priest was talking but words didn’t seem to come out, wind ran through the crowd making a hollow sound that forced a reaction on the guests and family of the deceased except his brother, he stood in the back of the crowd tears disguised behind the lens of his dark shades ran down his face into his mouth as he licked his lips spontaneously letting the smell of alcohol reek from his mouth, his weak legs shook as he fidgeted with his fingers as an outcome of endless nights without sleep, suddenly he had enough and walked away his wife joselyn stood between the crowd looking back in search of him, “Milton” she whispered to herself with a modest expresion, milton uncontrollably walked away and even though it seem aimlessly he knew exactly what path to take, he walked for an hour till he made it home, there he stood on top of the floor mat with the door wide open studying his surroundings, he made his way upstairs into a study that belonged to his grandfather, he walked behind a desk and laid his hand on a lock hanging from a shelf, he effortlessly threw it down and ripped the poor backboard structure of the shelf revealing a 12 gauge mossberg that his brother had used to kill himself he stumbled as he reached down for the shotgun and some slugs that slowly rolled around the room, he held on to one as he let the rest slip from his hand, he took it upstair to his brother’s room and recreated the scenery in which he had found him in, he looked outside through the window and saw that the water coming down heavily, the knocking of the water against the window mixed itself with stumping sounds of  his wife running upstairs, she felt her heart drop to her stomach as soon as she ran into the study and saw the shelf on the ground with the shotgun missing, her eyes opened widely as she brought her shivering hands to her face in disbelief, she slipped in a shotgun slug as she slowly walked backwards, she tried to remain collected as she agitatedly got up and ran down the hall in search of her husband, but before she could step in the room thunder struck down in their backyard illuminating the room as if capturing the moment and right after the roaring of the thunder  the shotgun made itself known, a massive bang echoed through the room piercing the ears of everyone nearby,  joselyn walked in all she could see was the frail lifeless body of her husband in the ground,she approached him as she felt her world slowly crumble till her knees collapsed right in front of him she placed her legs beneath his head and gently brushed his hair in shock, his head caressed her stomach which conceive a baby that he was yet to know about, from his part everything had turned dark he levitated in a dark room and slowly approached a bonfire between the gloom like a beautiful flower when it blooms, next to it was a dark figure crouched looking into it with dark shades and grey hair, a man in its mid 60’s, milton slowly approached him and introduced himself nervously, the man asked him why are you here, milton hesitated and said “i want to find my brother” the man stood up and tilted his head downward exposing his eyes and asked where do you think he could possibly be, the man started walking and milton followed his steps and between the darkness a door appeared,they had appeared in the morgue time was stopped and his brother still wasn't buried, milton walked around examining toe tags he got to his brothers corpse, the old man came from behind with some pliers “open his mouth” the old man said, “what” milton replied, “you have to dig in his mouth to find the truth take one of his teeth out by the root” confused and scared milton started tearing up, the old man grabbed the pliers and took out a molar and put it in milton's hand, milton astonished tried to remain calm and collected looking at his brothers dead body for the last time, the old man walked in front of milton braking off its cold gaze and thinking of how attached he felt to his mortal coil,another person walked in front of him but this person was transparent as soon as he looked up he realize he was surrounded by people who seem to walk aimlessly and they each kept repeating something to themselves, the old man said these where the souls of the deceased awaiting their trial they know the wrong they have done and they keep repeating it,some to find a valid reason,some repeat the good they've done in hopes that someone will hear repentment in their voice and set them free, between every soul talking milton emerged himself into the crowd in search of his brother,some went right through him some were hysterical but out of all of them there was one standing with his hand on its mouth, he approached it from the back slowly looking at its face admiring what seem to be his brother joy filled his heart, his brother was picking his mouth in search of his molar that led to a thin trail of blood dripping from his mouth, milton tried wiping off the blood but his hand went right through, something had caught his attention there seem that all the souls that souls in that plain had white eyes, the old man went right through Milton’s brother “scared?”, milton asked why are their eyes like that, the old man said how well do you know god, do you think of him by color by the way his hair is by what he wears or what he preaches, everyone here follows the path they wanna fallow just like when they were alive, they have to be ready for judgment, they only hear themselves… just hear them confess, the old man touched miltons forehead and his brother’s, his brother held a sad frown and suddenly started crying hysterically “i'm sorry for what i've done for all the pain i caused you i couldn't keep that in my head, im not the type of person to harm someone like that i got what i deserved im deeply sorry for betraying you but please take care of my kid what happened it's not his fault” suddenly the old man pushed miltons brother and he vanished, milton started screaming “why the hell you do that we were not done talking” the old man looked at milton and said” he could only see you not hear you and it's time for him to get judged” milton asked “but it doesn't make sense maybe it wasn't him he said something about a kid he wasn't married he didn't have any children” the old man looked at him in the eyes with a cold gaze “you took out his tooth he was missing a tooth he was bleeding from the same place where we took out his molar from, and he does have a kid his kid will be born soon and what happens next is your decision, your wife will give birth to his child this was what you were looking for right?” milton collapsed to the ground and felt an emptiness inside of him, there was no composure to be found within him he started jabbing at the air uncontrollably hoping that he would hit something that hopefully the pain he could inflict on someone else would cure his, the old man said he chose his path you chose yours, you ever wondered why they refer to parts of a person's life as stages? Maybe you're performing and your brother just did his last act, maybe this story has more to offer then what you think maybe you could make a change, maybe you could impact the reader on moral changes and how to stay strong when everyone wants to give up, then again you don't have to, a lot of people will make you suffer you just gotta know who is worth suffering for” Milton stood frozen in place trying to digest everything that had just happen. he looked into the old man's eyes, they where blood red, he was marinated in the color and started blinking rapidly like something bothered his eyes he woke up on his wife's lap and had blood coming from his forehead, he hysterically tried to get up and his wife helped him calm down she helped him sit on the bed and explained what had happen, she walked in the room with him in the ground but no signs of blood she thought he had died till she realised that he had knocked himself out, the shotgun hit him in the forehead his grip on the action release was solid but poor grip on the forend made it go up and hit him, she told him to lay down that he looked really pale, joselyn in a more relaxed matter left to the kitchen to get some ice, milton laid in the bed when all the sudden had digged in his pocket and took out a molar, he held it with 2 fingers inspecting it and whispered to himself “ decisions decisions”.

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