Amber Fire

January 29, 2018

Her eyes were embers, orange and bright in the white background. The rest of her face was still,similar to the gray stones she was lounging on. But it was stin her eyes. Fire raging, burning her from the inside out, smoked trailed from her nostrils as she flicked her cigarette. I watched the ashes trail down burrowing in the snow. Suddenly she barks laughter in raspy short breaths.

“Lighten up kid.” she winks while blowing me a kiss with her red stained lips. I try to smirk, but from her bemused rin i know i failed. “C’mon” she grabs my hand, her warmth lighting me up. I Chase after her,following the fire. She is a beacon in our frozen wasteland. We dodge through trees,over mounds of snow, around divitsi. She leads like an expert, never faltering. Er confidence makes me trust her more. It always has. She was the only one who could light me p, make me feel something. She came into my life three years ago, and burned away the past.

I was attracted to her like a moth. How could i not be? Rusty hair that flowed to her full waist, cupping her breast and curves, her girls, full red lips, freckles dotted across constantly rosey cheeks. And her eyes. He emotion always pressed up against the glass, just enough so you could see, but too dangerous to ever get close too. I embraced the flame, and so i didn't get burnt like the rest.

“I see a spark in you. And i will ignite it.” she always told me that, warning me of the day she does.

Snow soaks my sneakers and frost bites my lips, but i push forward feeding the fire. I laugh, listening to myself as it takes form into something manic. Controlled chaos-another phrase she taught me. We run into a new part of the woods, and eventually skid to a stop. Her cigarette is abandoned, but smoke heaves out of her mouth. I control my breathing, and collect myself before she does. In the stillness you can hear running water, from somewhere close.

“Impressive… kid…. Smokers lung sucks… don't smoke.” i roll my eyes, second hand smoke kills just as much. Kid is my nickname despite the fact that i am older than her by two hours and three minutes. “Say a word kid. It's been eight days since i’ve heard that manly voice of  yours.” she swoons into my arms, batting her orange eyes at me. I watch her contacts slip out of place when she does. Instead of answering her i kiss her, and kisses back. Still no sparks.

“Still waiting?” i smile at being caught. “The day that you fall for me is the day Hitler rises from the dead.” i mimic a zombie making her laugh. She is beautiful, even i can't deny that. Even if we have tried in many ways i do not love her. She has told me that i have schizoid, after a quick google search i found out that it means you have a problem with expressing relationships and emotions.

She grips me violently, literally shaking me out of my thoughts.”Say.Something.” she whines, seh never whines.

“ My my..feet are. Are wet.” her eyes seem different as I stumble through the sentence. I reach towards her, but someone cut off her oxygen. Her fire dies out. “H..Hey whats whats wrong?” her eyes light up for a second. I grab her hand limply not knowing if it is appropriate. She smiles blankly, back to the stone.

“Nothing kiddo.” she pauses, watching the snowy landscape. I follow her eyes, and notice what caught her eyes in the first place. A gorge with gray rocks drops down into the frozen riven. Water bubbles between the chucks of ice that drift slowly on top. At the same time, we creep towards the edge, watching each other through peripheral vision. She turns to me when we are the closest we can get without falling over. Her eyes reflect me in them, dark eyes and thin bones blinking. Her hair rages around her foiling the stoic look in her face.

“Amber?” i reach for her feeling cold spread through me, numbing me. It settles in my chest like a stone. She blinks, water collects at the corners of her eyes as they fill slowly. She watches me like a stranger, only her chest moving steadily with the river below us. Slowly a blinding smile appears on her face. On her cheek the little tear glimmers like the snow that is beginning to fall in her hair.

“Ignite. Burn them all.”

Then she jumps.

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