Jack's Adventure To Greatness

January 24, 2018
By DrewMathews BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
DrewMathews BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Jack grows up during the American Revolution facing many hardships.  He gets thrown in jail and eventually gets to leave.  He is now in search of gold to make a living and travels westward.  Will he find a gold mine.

Chapter 1: Jack's Adventure To Greatness

Jack and Aesha got up early to begin their search for a gold mine.  They thought it would be very easy to find one; however, they were very wrong.  Nothing seemed to pan out for them and they had to go back to their campsite.  They were a little frustrated, but thought it wouldn’t take too long to find a mine.
Jack and Aesha continued to search for a gold mine, but didn’t find one in over a month.  Aesha became very frustrated because he thought it would be an instantaneous process to find a mine.  Jack and Aesha then began to have arguments and Aesha was about ready to leave and head back to his tribe.  However, Jack convinced him to stay for one more day.
The next day was just the same old searching with no results until just before dusk.  Right before dusk, they were digging and Jack hit something that felt hard.  He began digging in that spot and saw that there was something shiny there.  Jack was very excited and yelled for Aesha to come help him with the search.  They both were digging quickly, yet carefully and uncovered the metal.  They were expecting to find just a little shard of gold; yet, they kept digging and it seemed like the gold never stopped.
After about two hours, they finally uncovered all of the gold and were very excited because they had found about 25 pounds.  This was the greatest moment of Jack’s life because he remembered back to the time when he and his family were suffering.  He remembered when he was arrested for stealing and knew he had turned his life around.  Therefore, Jack knew he had to go back to his home and help get his family back on their feet.
Jack and Aesha didn’t want to get robbed on their way out of San Francisco so they had to figure out how to hide it all.  They decided to break the gold into two pieces so it could fit into their pockets and stayed in San Francisco for one more night.  They had no problem falling asleep that night and were very proud of all of their efforts.
Jack and Aesha left for home the next day and made good progress each day.  It didn’t take long for them to get to Nevada and Jack said goodbye to his friend.  Aesha told Jack that he was very thankful he allowed him to come on the journey and wished him good luck for the rest of Jack’s journey.  Jack was very grateful that he had met Aesha and thought about him for the next few days of his journey.
Jack continued hiking and didn’t have much trouble on the way back.  He was able to pass both Indian tribes the way he did on the way to San Francisco and didn’t have to be imprisoned.  Therefore, he made it to Pennsylvania in about 80 days and decided to show Bill what he had found.
Jack showed him the 13 pounds that he had kept and Bill was very proud of Jack.  Bill also asked how the journey went and Jack told him all about the different tribes and his hardships.  He also thanked Bill for his insight on the different tribes because he was more prepared than he would have been.  Bill congratulated Jack on his gold and Jack left to finish his journey.
Jack spent the night just outside of Pennsylvania and knew he was only a few weeks away from getting home.  He continued hiking and was very happy when he reached Boston.  Jack went to his house and knocked on the door.  His mom opened the door and yelled with excitement.  Jack’s dad heard the commotion and ran downstairs.
Jack’s family was very happy and emotional that he was home after being gone for three years.  They wanted to know everything that happened on his journey and if he found some gold.  Jack then showed them the bar of gold and they stared at him with awe.  He told them that this was only half of what he had found and that he had shared the rest with an Indian friend.
Jack described his whole journey to them from meeting Bill in Pennsylvania, to running into three Indian tribes, and finally finding the gold mine.  They were very proud of him and knew that their family was now able to get out of poverty and start a new life.  They were able to pay off their debts and were able to eat a big dinner that night.  The journey made Jack realize that he could do anything in life as long as he put his mind to it.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because I like reading adventure stories and decided to write one myself.

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