January 22, 2018
By Anonymous

Present Day

I’m outside, in the cold dark woods. Blood drips down, and wets my cold blood skin. I stand and wince and clutch my stomach, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?” I scream into the night sky. I pull my red backpack on and look through it and find my glowing bright device, 18 missed phone calls and 12 of which were important. I turn it off and scream when i hear a rustle. “Who’s there?” I repeat myself but louder “WHO'S THERE?”. A step after another, I look through my backpack and take my pocketknife out. A girl, a girl around 15 years old walks out but then again the only light i have is the night sky. “Don’t shoot Caleb” The small odd girl says.
“Who are you? And how do you know my name?”

“Caleb, It’s Kenny”

Kenny the girl who I once loved two years ago, the one who left me? Me the person who I thought she loved, but now I know I’m just a fool. “Kendall? What the bloody hell are you doing here. I haven’t seen you in two years” I was speaking the truth, and I know she knows.

“Listen Caleb I thought you needed help i saw you running to the woods and-” I didnt wanna hear it.
“What do you care? Just leave, do you even know how far I’m from home”

“Caleb you’re bleeding” I look down to notice that it went right through my shirt. “Caleb what happened?” God those eyes, the eyes I love, the eyes I tell everything to. I know I should tell her but once I tell her she’ll slip away from me and pretend she doesn’t know me. Like everybody else.

Two Months ago


I walked on the sidewalk not looking up because I didn’t want to see what I was getting into when I hear a voice. “Aye Jones ready to fight?” One of the ignorant’s minions was here. “As long as you have money” Up , Down, I could hear my breath. “I’m ready for as many fights you have.”

“That’s the attitude I’m looking for” He slaps the envelope on my beating heart. I follow after him, step after step, into a room only lit by the dimmed lights and flashes of phones. Laughter fills the room when I walk in. The referee speaks “OKAY OKAY, YOU WANNA SEE FIGHT!!!!!” A roar of people cheering turns on. “THEN SEND THE BOY UP HERE” I get shoved and pushed till I stand on the middle of the stage next to an ape. A man around 200 pounds with his bald head filled with tattoos of women and quotes. The referee speaks again “ On the left we have our 26 year old DEXTER BROWN starting at 220” Cheers and boos cancel each other out. “And on the right we have  19 year old CALEB JONES starting at 135 pounds” Cheers, booing and the thundering sound of my heart pounding came into my ears and after that I remember nothing.

30 minutes before seeing Kenny

Okay one more fight I told myself. I finish this and it’s over, I walked in and got the money and went right up the stage and that’s when it all went wrong. I fought with my heart and passion, I knew I was winning I heard the roar of people when I saw a face I recognized. “Kenny” I whispered. Why was she here? I lost concentration when i got punched on my jaw. I punched and kicked back when i saw a sharp shiny thing by his hand and that's when he stabbed me in my shoulder.  I couldn’t anymore, I got off stage and ran, ran towards the closest thing the woods.


“Kenny you were there, you know what happened.” I saw her eyes turn towards the cresent moon when she said. “Caleb, did you follow me?”

“Whatttttt? No I came here because after you left me in Denver I had nowhere to go and I guess I did something and then I needed a place to go and I guess I came here.” I hated myself for spilling this.

“ I knew it, I knew you were here but why didn’t you tell me.”

“Because you left me”

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