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January 16, 2018
By PavithraLella BRONZE, Berkeley, California
PavithraLella BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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“HEY! Wait up you idiot!” Yeah I know I probably shouldn't be yelling when i'm surrounded by so many people but I’m running on my bare feet on the soft, pink sand of Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda. The prettiest most gorgeous beach that I’ve ever been to. Which is named after its curving shape with the turquoise, striking blue and clear water and of course you can't forget to pretty pink sand. I’m with my bestfriend, sister, and cousin. I just had finished playing beach volleyball on the sand and when I say playing I actually mean “trying” to play beach volleyball because I clearly failed and lost. The teams were clearly unfair because it was me and my bestfriend who both suck against my sister and cousin who are the BEST volleyball players. It was 9:30am on sunday and we were all running trying to make it in time to climb the 185 step spiral staircase of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse which is at 10:00am and we were obviously going to be late. My friend decided to ditch me and run ahead which is a lot easier for him. Because he’s not running in bare feet on wet sand, wearing shorts on a t-shirt and soaking wet like me. “OW!!” Wait was that me? I’m fine though. I turned my head around and realized that I stepped on someone's foot when I was running. Should I apologize? I mean she looks like she's going to kill me if I don't, so I probably should. “I’m sooo sorry I didn't see you.” That's when my friend decides to actually stop and come back. When he sees me apologize he starts laughing. Seriously? I gave him the glare which made him stop. She seemed so pissed she decided to go off on me exactly when I was about to turn around and go. “Where are you going? Are you blind? Can you not see me? What's wrong with you?..” “Hey stop first of all, i'm going to leave because you are soo slow to respond. No i'm not blind and I didn't see you because you're clearly not a type of person I would spend my time on when your such a jerk. Nothings wrong with me but you on the other hand, you clearly need mental help.” “Also I said I was sorry and it wasn't my fault.” After that she was too slow to respond again so I started running again so I wouldn't be late.
We made it just in time and I even had enough time to go and change into a sundress and sneakers. Then, the person working there approached us and said, “If you want the most amazing panoramic view of Bermuda and its shoreline you've come to the right place but there's no elevator which means you have to work hard and climb 185 steps to fill your wish” “The climb however is not as difficult as it might appear. You need to take it easy and move up slowly with enough pauses in between.” another guy working there said. Then, I turned around and faced my friend because my sister and cousin abandoned us. “The pamphlet also says that there is 8 floors with mini exhibits on each floor, resting platforms to the top and there’s a restaurant and gift shop at the base.” We then bought water and started walking up. We had decided to just walk up and look at the exhibits when we were going down. When we got up we saw that at the top of the tower, there is a 1000-watt bulb placed inside a revolving lens. Then, we turned around slowly to see the most amazing view that I’ve seen in my life. I could see the blue water and even a little bit of the pink sand. I could also see all the houses, shacks and even the small little beach houses. Then, I noticed small specks on the road and realized they were actually humans. Then, there was the palm trees that looked amazing. I felt like I was looking at the whole world in my palms. I for once in my life actually felt TALL. Then, I walked around to the other side and saw a view that looked even more amazing. I could see the white clouds and more island and green. But the water on this side seemed lighter and more of a sky blue. I could smell the sea, feel the sky and I felt my soul and spirit fly away at that moment.”     reach me

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