January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

It was just an ordinary day in October. Rain came down as pebbles, making the smallest sound. I was walking to my next class, Math. God I hated math. Math was always so complicated, an answer waiting to be discovered. There was was only right or wrong, nothing in between. My teacher, Mr. Grim didn’t help either. He was tall, and wore a suit all the time, with a mustache faintly showing. I sat in the back, never wanting others to look at me or my paper, for I was inadequate. But every class, I tried to absorb and listen to his teachings. Suddenly, out of the blue, Mr. Grim asked, “Alex, what’s eight times the square root of 36?”

“Umm…”, I said as the whole class laughed. I was flushed and embarrassed, by luckily the bell rang just then so I don’t have to endure more torture. Mr. Grim just stood there, face staying the same as always, a blank slate.

That was my day, everyday, from 1st period to last. At lunch I used to sit with no one, until I opted to just go to the library and read. It’s not like I was socially awkward, it’s just that nobody wanted to talk to me anyway. But nowadays, when somebody talked to me, I clammed up, and just said, “Uh huh” and “Yeah”. There was one person in particular named John. He had a athletic build. John was one of the popular kids at my school.


Sometimes he would mess around with me, other times he knock my books out of my hands. It got to a point where I was sick of it and reported it to the principal. My parents and sister were extremely supportive through it all and eventually he got a suspended. My sister didn’t have this problem and was the complete opposite of me. She was beautiful and blue eyed, with many friends but instead is good at everything meanwhile I was mediocre. I didn’t think that life would ever stop and turn around.

A year later was high school. A place to meet new people and see new things and maybe make friends. The first day was always the worst. I woke up, bubbling with excitement but at the same time nervousness. It was a useless feeling I later learned, as the year was extremely hard and I was always either studying or sleeping. Because of this, for some reason I got a lot better with my education and subjects.

4 years passed and I was going to college. I had little higher expectations, but not by that much. To my surprise, I met a classmate from junior high. He was extremely muscular and tall with blonde hair. It’s been so long, that I forgot his name, but as I walked around him he said,

   “Have I met you before?”, he says with curiosity and questioning laced in his voice
   “Umm… no I don’t think so.”, I say, trying to keep my face neutral.
   “Oh, well nice to meet you, my name’s John.”
   “What are you majoring in?”
   “Mechanical Engineering.”
   “Oh, same! Maybe we’ll see each other.”
   “Well, I got to go. See you around!”

After that we became kind of friends, which is ironic to what he did before. But I stuck with it and lived my life all the same and kept on pursuing my education.

The author's comments:

This story was apart of an school assignment. My story was inspired by another story that we were supposed to read and incorperate same themes and such. I submitted it because my teacher said that each story across all of his classes that got submitted, everyone would get a pizza party. So please publish this so that I can get pizza. 

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