Running Away

January 19, 2018
By Alianna BRONZE, Oakland, California
Alianna BRONZE, Oakland, California
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The six year old girl in Las Cruces, New Mexico, waiting for her mother to come back from the mall . Her name is Amber. Amber was playing with her teddy bear when her mom walked in with shopping bags from the mall. Ambers mom said, “ I’m home, and i bought you something.” “OOOH… tell me what you bought”, said Amber. “Not yet, honey. We need to eat dinner first.’’, said her mother.
Ambers mother moved around the kitchen. Amber was sitting patiently on the sofa waiting. When her mother finished making dinner she joined amber on the sofa. “You made MACARONI !!!”, said Amber. “Yup i sure did”, said Amber’s mother laughing. Amber's favorite food was macaroni and she was delighted to see that her mother knew it was her favorite. “It's been my favorite since I was a little girl”, said Ambers mom. “It's my favorite too”, said Amber. They ate happily together.
When they finished their dinner Amber's mom went to wash the dishes. When she came back Amber asked if her mom could tell her a story. “Sure,what type of story?”, said Amber's mom. “Can you tell me a love story?”,said Amber. “Alright”, said Amber's mom.
There was a little boy he was eight years old, and a little girl who was seven. They were born days apart, and had been best friends since then. When the girl turned ten the boy bought her a box of chocolates and a bear. That was the first time he had done anything like that. He was proud of himself because he used his own money to buy his best friend a birthday gift. When they were in middle school they both knew by that time that they had a crush on each other. But they were both too nervous to each other. They finally told each other at the end of their eighth grade year. They dated each other from that day on.
Then when the boy turned fifteen he went over to the girl's house and said, “I don't want to live with my family anymore, and I love you so much… I wanted to ask you to runaway with me?”. At first the girl said no, that she loved her family too much, and the boy told her, “I'll stay, I love you too much to leave you behind.” The boy, he was abused by his dad and his mom never did anything to help him.
About a month later the girl decided she didn't want the boy to suffer just because he loved her and didn't want to leave her behind. She went over to his house and knocked, when the boy answered the door he had an ice pack over his eye and bruised cheekbones. The girl started crying, although she had seen him like this many times before it still hurt her. He pulled her inside and hugged her. She looked up still crying and said, “ let's run away.” “We don't need to run away”, answers the boy. “Yes we do, look at yourself ”, said the girl. The boy answered by saying, “ are you absolutely sure?”, asked the boy. “Yes, let's leave at midnight tomorrow. Meet me at the diner on Real Rd”, sad the girl. The diner was their favorite spot in Bakersfield, they had the best apple pie and shakes. “Ok”, said the boy a little surprised that she was so confident when she says that.
The next day they met at the diner. Both the boy and the girl had a large backpack filled to the rim with the belongings they wanted to bring along. The boy had also taken his mom's car. His mom had caught him trying to sneak out of the house and knew exactly what he was doing. She let him take her car, and he was surprised she had done something to actually help him. The boy took the girls bike and put it in the back of the car, then placed the backpacks in the back seat. They drove and drove… They eventually decided that they would live in Las Cruces, NM.
They lived in their car for  two years before they were able to buy a house from the money they had made. The girl contacted her parents after they got the house in New Mexico. Her parents were delighted to hear from her, and to know she was ok and doing well. Her parents moved from Bakersfield all the way to where their daughter was. The girl was so happy when her parents did that, she ran out of her house one day while the boy and her were eating breakfast. He ran outside after her and found her hugging her parents, he had never seen her that happy before.
They finished high school, went to college and had a daughter. Now they are happy and still loved each other madly to this day. And the girls parents live right next door to them.
“The end”, said Amber's mom. “ sorry I didn't have anything more interesting to tell you”, said Amber's mom. “That’s ok mommy, I thought it was interesting”, said Amber. “Now can you tell what you bought”, asked Amber impatiently. “Of course”, said Amber's mom. Her mom came out of her bedroom carrying a bag. “The bags moving!!”, yelled Amber. “Come here and open it”, replied Amber's mom chuckling. Amber moved slowly towards the bag. “It's a kitten,” squealed Amber. She was super excited, then the door opens and her dad walked in. “Daddy look mommy got me a kitten”, said Amber hugging the kitten and moving towards her dad. Her dad smiled and gave her and Amber mom a hug.

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