I am a polar bear

January 18, 2018
By skigirl14 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
skigirl14 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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A group of enormous white polar bears run up a mountain in Antarctica and slide down the side. One after another. They follow each other up and down the hill, over and over. While climbing up the mountain, the one in the lead falls and slides down, tumbling over all his polar bear friends. Once they stopped rolling and reached the bottom, they laughed at each other and start the climb again.
The polar bears finally decide to take a break from their day of fun to eat. The wide-eyed mammals watch for fresh fish to swim by. One catches a bass and the rest fight over it. The polar bear who caught the fish was very hungry but was in a nice mood and wanted to be friendly so he let his polar bear friends eat the fish instead of him.
The polar bears are now lying in the snow, half asleep when they get visitors. Five seals from across the lake come to say hello. Most of the polar bears are not sure about letting these seals into their home, but one polar bear welcomes them with open arms. The polar bears and seals become very good friends and spend the rest of the week together.
As the polar bears get ready to sleep at night, they curl up next to each other for warmth. The group of gigantic bears fall asleep and wait for the adventures of the next day to come.

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