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January 17, 2018
By ramennoodle GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
ramennoodle GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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How to fail a class
-A heap of inattentiveness
-A dollop of carelessness
-A mound of back talk
-A pocketful of exhaustion
-A sprinkle of creativity
-A flurry of laziness 
Step 1- Add a heap of inattentiveness to ensure you never take notes.
Step 2- Mix in a dollop of carelessness to never raise your hand or ask questions.
Step 3- Next, a mound of back talk so your on your teachers bad side.
Step 4- Then, a pocketful of exhaustion to sleep through the class.
Step 5- Add in a sprinkle of creativity for doodling or pranking teacher.
Step 6- Finally, a flurry of laziness to never do any homework.
Step 7- Enjoy! The final result will surely be an F.

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