Young Love

January 12, 2018
By Anonymous

Jackson walked in a straight line with the rest of his classmates.  He was always up front, leading the class out to recess.  He noticed down the fifth grade hallway, an innocent, and pretty face.  The little beauty was getting a tour of the school with her mother and the school’s principal, Mr. Harrison. She was the new girl everyone was talking about the week before, she was the future of Jackson’s relationship status. 
His class walked out to recess, and Jackson did his daily routine.  He sprinted to the playground bin and reached it first, then took out the finest tennis ball in there and commenced the game of wallball on the far wall.  Jackson continued to get everyone out, as per-usual, until he won his third consecutive game that day.  As he threw the ball, the new girl and her mother along with Mr. Harrison walked out of the double doors against the side wall. At this point Jackson could not take his eyes off of her.  Jackson’s best friend Marty came walking over ready for an intense battle against the wall, and instantly, Marty was also abducted by the natural beauty of the young girl. 
“Wow, what’s her name?” Marty pondered,
“I think it’s Jennette” Jackson said with a grin.  Jennette then walked over towards the group of boys playing the game, as her mother and Mr. Harrison stayed to the side.  She greeted all of them, but when her eyes met Jackson’s, she couldn’t look away.
Finally after ten minutes, she walked over to Jackson.  She greeted him and asked his name.  He said “I- I’m Jackson.” shily which made her giggle.  They continued to talk about where Jennette was from, and what they both like to do on their free time.  To Jackson’s surprise, they had much more in common than he had thought.
The next day, Jackson headed off to school.  He walked down the hallway and sat down outside of his classroom, waiting for the day to begin.  He was shocked and ecstatic to see Jennette sitting right beside him.  “Hey Jennette!” Jackson said.
“Jackson, hi! You’re in this class too? Just when I thought this day could not get any better!”  The teacher, Ms. Stewart called the class in.  Jackson, holding the door for Jennette proceed into the classroom.  Throughout the day, Jackson learned Jennette’s true personality.  She was very smart, kind, and courteous.  He admired her skill to work with new people, and it only made his longing for her greater. 
After a few weeks, Jackson noticed Marty on the other side of the playground talking to Jennette, alone.  He got a slight bit nervous because he knew that Marty felt the same way towards Jennette as he did and he was afraid Jennette would choose Marty first.  He spies on them until he sees Jennette give Marty a hug, and Marty walk away in shame.  Jennette goes on to play with other girls on the playground, but Jackson notices her deemener slightly dispirited.  Jackson makes his way over to Jennette to see what is the matter, and to also sneakily find out what went on with Marty. 
“Hey Jennette!” Jackson said eagerly.
“Jackson.” Jennette replied.
“Oh no, what’s going on, you seem down.” Jackson remarked
“Oh nothing, it's only-, just-, Marty just tried to ask me out.  On a date.” Jennette explained.
“Oh” Jackson said.
“No Jackson, I said no.  I feel bad, Marty being your best friend and all, he’s a nice boy, just not the boy that I like.” Jennette added.
“So this boy you like, what’s he like?” Jackson urged,
“Well, he is tall. He is funny. He is amazing at sports. Plus, he has the kindest heart in the world.” Jennette listed .
“Oh, I see.” Jackson notes. Jackson awkwardly wondered away from Jennette, off of the playground, and makes his way back to the wall with his friends. Jackson thought to himself, “I am tall, I’m funny, I’m good at sports, I hope people think I have a kind heart.  Maybe she likes me! Oh my gosh! I need to ask her out ASAP!” Jakson hurried home as the bell rings and got ready for the next day at school.
Jackson left his house the next morning wearing his fanciest of clothes.  A three button polo shirt that was two sizes too small, creased and wrinkled khaki shorts, and his beat-up nikes with dirt-stained white tube socks. As he walked down the street towards the school, he looks up at the sky.  It could not be a more perfect day. The sun was shining, with not a cloud in the overhead.  The sky was as blue as the walls of Jackson’s baby brother’s nursery.  The green leaves on every tree danced in the cool spring morning breeze. 
Jackson arrived at the schoolhouse, dressed for the special occasion.  He was going to ask Jennette Wallace, the prettiest girl in the fifth grade, on a date.  At recess he pulled Jennette to the side of the playground.  He was so nervous he almost threw up his peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  He figured it would be quicker to just do it and get it off of his chest. He said “Jennette, I like you. I like like you.  And I think you might like like me too.  Do you want to go out with me?”
“Where” Jennette replied.
“Oh I don’t know, how about a movie?” Jackson thought.
“Jackson,” Jennette started,
“Yeah?” Jackson replied.
“Of course I will see a movie with you, I’ve liked you since the first day!” Jennette released.
“Awesome!” Jackson celebrated. Little did Jackson know, that his best friend Marty watched the whole thing from behind a slide, ten feet away.
The next day, Marty came up to Jackson.  He was distraught by the fact that Jennette chose Jackson over him.  Although they were friends for years, Marty only thought of Jennette like Jackson, and he could not handle the pain of watching his best friend be with his one true love.  Marty thought him and Jennette were soulmates, but he was wrong.  Marty told Jackson what he was feeling, and Jackson felt awful. Jackson was never going to give up Jennette. In return, he had to give up Marty.

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