What a "Wonderful"World

January 11, 2018
By kgrifone BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
kgrifone BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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The Earth had become illuminated with light, like a dark room lit by a candle. The sun seemed to rise over the hills speedily, as if it was very eager to begin the morning. Throughout the valleys, everything had become visible for tens of miles, from the purple mountain ranges to the bright green grass. Neighbors began to engage in conversations with each other on their picturesque lawns outside their homes. The air had a fresh aroma and was a perfect warm weather with birds chirping and gliding alongside the wind. The streets and sidewalks of the city had become clustered with people going to and fro, going about their daily routines. Tall, magnificent buildings towered over the county with their awesome architecture and beauty. Numerous cars had filled the roads creating the familiar atmosphere that indicated that the day was already busy. The day was filled with positive vibes. 
Near the outskirts of the city on Venue Avenue, a man named Clay was walking along a cobblestone sidewalk, conversing with a friend on the phone. “I know right? I was shocked I didn’t get the loan, I had a great credit score and everything.” Clay became frustrated.
  On the other line the friend responded “I can’t tell your exactly why, but the only plausible thing that may have happened is that someone hacked your credit card.”
The was a long pause of silence. “I can't find my social security card either, it was in my wallet a few minutes ago.  I must have left it back in the office accidentally.  This day keeps getting worse and-”
He was almost to the other side of the street as a Corvette  zoomed down the street at an alarming speed, hitting Clay in an instant with his body flipping over the car. He then plopped facedown on the street and the car just flew away; people screamed in horror at such an unexpected and unfortunate event. It was a hit and run! Everybody around him called 911 in frantic panic, utterly shocked by the accident. However, when an ambulance and police arrived it was far too late to save the man, for he had almost died instantly from the impact of the vehicle. No one was able to trace the car that hit Clay dueto it's incredible speed that was too fast for anyone, or even cameras, to view the license plate clearly. The police had sent out cars in the same direction as the vehicle had gone, with little hope that they could find it. In such a wealthy city, money couldn’t save it from the horrors of the world.  
Exactly six miles away from the hit and run incident, around the same time, a bomb had gone off near the city fountain killing at least 20 citizens and injuring over 100. The same day two men in black suits committed arson to several houses a few towns away watching the homes burn before they escaped into the foothills. The same day the next city over had its bank robbed of about 110 million dollars in a well executed burglary; the culprits could not be located. The same day in another state, not too far away, some machines in a factory were sabotaged, causing extremely deadly chemicals to be released into the sky through the smokestacks. The same day, in the same city, two gangs engaged in a quarrel which ended up killing 11 people. It would appear that in such a seemingly perfect and delightful world, evil and wickedness would fail to show up and wreak their havoc upon the world. But that is simply not the case. 

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