High school Dropout

January 11, 2018
By Sumaiyah BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sumaiyah BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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You should drop out of school. You should drop out of school because its annoying. You should drop out of school because you're not going to need it when you become a trash truck driver.  You should drop out of school because who wants to get a diploma anyway. You should drop out of school because who wants to get good grades anyway. You should drop out of school because it isn't worth it anyway. I mean who wants an education anyway? You can still succeed if you dropout of high school. School is just a headache. Are we even being served in the education system anyway? School isn't for everybody. School is just a bunch of nonsense. You should drop out of school because you can educated yourself.
Jake had been contemplating on dropping out of school. Jake has been unhappy and stressed out because of school. He doesn't think any of this is going to help him in the long run. He wants to be  trash truck driver, so he really doesn't need to know what a+b equals. He know his family wouldn't be satisfied with him dropping out but he's ready to make his own decisions. Jake says “who even invented school?” He’s in his room talking to himself and thinking about this dramatic turn he’s about to make in his life. Jake is waiting for his mom to get home from work so he can talk to her about dropping out of school. He's scared to tell her but he can't take it anymore. He's pacing back and forth from his room to the bathroom. He keep looking at himself in the mirror to assure that he really wants to make this poor decision. Jake screams and says “somebody please wake me up from the nightmare, I can't take it anymore!” Time is going by slowly and jake has been stressing about this since the time he got home from school. Now it's a little past 4:30 and Jake's mom should be home any second now. When she arrived Jake was being so nice to her. When she walked in Jake said “good evening mom let me grab those bags for you”, and she says “why are you being so kind may I ask Jake?” Jake looked surprised and says “oh no reason mom I just didn't want to see you struggle with the bags” then he adds “but i do need to talk to you about something.” Jake mom says “what is it?” Jake sighs and says “I’m thinking about dropping out of school.” Jake’s mom stopped what she was doing and said “DROPPING OUT! Jake are you serious?” He says “yes mom I can't take school anymore it's a disappointment, and its not for me at all.” Jake mom says “Well Jake you're staying in school and I don't care what you say, you will finish the rest of your years now put these groceries up” That response made Jake really discouraged that he wasn't able to accomplish  what he wanted to. I guess I’ll be staying in school, Jake says.

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