Recipe for waking up before school

January 18, 2018
By AHS37 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
AHS37 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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5 mounds of motivation
An ocean of shower water
A pile of cereal
A flurry of sunshine
3 vials of eye rubs
An era of yawns
6 seasons of alarm clock beeping
1-2 hours of time
A streak of accepting school
2 bursts of an air horn (Optional)

Wake up 1-2 hours before leaving for school.
Wait for 6 seasons of alarm clock beeping.
Add a streak of accepting that you have school.
Mix in 5 mounds of motivation and stir rapidly.
Next, wait till an era of yawns has passed.
Pour in 3 vials of eye rubs to the blend and stir at a slow pace.
Open the curtains and allow a flurry of sunshine to enhance the mixture.
Place mixture into shower and douse with an ocean worth of water.
Sprinkle a pile of cereal on top of the mixture. (Do not stir. The pile of cereal acts as an external layer.)
If drowsiness is still present, add 2 bursts of an air horn to the mixture. (WARNING: air horn bursts may result in furious family members.)

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