Short Story for Ms. Pizer

January 19, 2018
By SamaraFear14 SILVER, Poughkeepsie, New York
SamaraFear14 SILVER, Poughkeepsie, New York
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Hannah Smith wanted to become a famous author. So she decided to ask her ELA teacher for some advice. Her ELA teacher, Mr.Johnson, told her to come after school. That’s exactly what did to. She waited, and waited, until the school day was over so she could get advice from Mr.Johnson. So, Hannah was ready when the final bell rang, dismissing everyone from school that day. She got up from her seat and went to Mr.Johnson’s room. When she arrived there, she noticed that Mr.Johnson waiting for her to arrive. As soon as she came thru the door, Mr.Johnson told her to take a seat. So, Hannah sat down. Once she sat down, Mr.Johnson told her the ten easy steps to become a published author. He said, “Hannah the first step to become a published author, is to:pick a genre. Then, once you pick a genre, you have to choose a character. Then when that’s done, you have to make a playlist to help you get energized when you write a story. Then when that’s done, you have to make a schedule. Then when that’s done, you have to pick a spot where you’re going to write your story’s. Then when that’s done, you have to face your critics. Then when that’s done, you have to send it off. Then when that’s done, you have to survive rejection. Then when that’s done, if hollywood calls, then, pick up the phone. Then once that’s finished, you have to sell, sell, sell.(But, be nice about it). Then once that all happens, you are a published author.” While he was talking, Hannah was taking notes on everything he was saying, so she could hopefully, become a published author. When he was done speaking, Hannah’s older brother, Logan entered the classroom, to bring Hannah home with him. And when Hannah got home she did exactly as Mr.Johnson said, and did all ten things, and become the famous author that she wished to be. THE END!!!!

The author's comments:

This was inspired from my grade at my school in my class career choices, and my teacher, Ms.Pizer. She is one of the best teachers ever, and i had to write a short story for her in class and this is it.

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