Rich in Spirit

January 9, 2018
By IsaiahV17 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
IsaiahV17 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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I’m not one to say that i’m a rich man. I’ve always been hiding, secluded from the rest of the world. Every day I look around, and I see all of the people, with all the life essentials, and here I am. But I also see people just like me. Tired, cold, hungry. It’s a life that no one likes, and life no one wants to live, No sir. It was a cool morning. Late February, I recall. I was walking down the alleyway, hearing only the sounds of the early morning rush. I saw out of the corner of my eye that I was right next to a store, closed I was sure. I then thought of something I never would’ve reckoned I’d do. I crept around the back and saw the metal door. I grabbed a nearby stick and beat the door handle. The paint on the handle was chipping off the more I whacked. The door handle soon burst off the door and I yanked it open. I crept inside and opened the register at the counter, and took big wads of money out. I didn’t count, but it didn’t matter. I then snuck out of the store, all quiet like, and crept away down the block. I then stopped at the corner of the intersection, was people buzzing by. I then took the money out of my pockets, and started handing them out to people. Many people were thankful, some very thankful. I gave three hundred dollar bill to a women with a sick child, and she thanked me kindly. It felt good, the best feelin’ in my life. But then I saw the boys in blue drivin’ near, so I gave up the rest of my money and crept away, back into the ally darkness. Many people may say people like me aren’t rich, but I tell ya, we are rich in spirit.

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