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January 9, 2018
By johnathan.C BRONZE, Sacramento, California
johnathan.C BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My Sacramento is a great and fun place to live. There are nice places to go see, if you want to see the state capital there are nice big trees and it looks really nice on the inside like a palace. I like it here it is a nice place if you like history you can always go to the Train Museum, California Automobile Museum, and Old Sacramento or if you are into art you can also go to the Crocker Art Museum, Crest Theatre but for me i like Old Sac it’s nice the sun is always up and shining the wind feels just right and i can smell sweet caramel corn when i walk by.
What i think about Sacramento i think it’s a nice place and that it’s nice i could walk to the park and feel the sun on my face the wind breezing and the trees look so green and alive makes you smile at how tall the trees are and when i do that i see that it’s so tall and amazing that how tall the tree can get. Sacramento is nice and like i said before there are lots of nice places to go to, I just go to the park and watch my drone rise in the air like the sun every morning.

The problems in sacramento are sad some not so sad the first problem i know is that the rent is getting higher, making it harder for people to pay and then making them homeless. It’s like if you try to buy candy and you are missing a penny but you have 99 cents but the candy cost a dollar. The other problem of Sacramento is the violence there are people breaking into houses like it not a big deal, Another problem i think is important is the drought in Sacramento. I don’t think that sacramento is bad or well to me i don’t think it’s bad.
In conclusion I think that Sacramento is a nice place and you should live here. Sacramento is a fun place and even though there are some bad things happening you will still like this place like i do.

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