One last sunset

January 9, 2018
By alonefone GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
alonefone GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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“One more time, just explain it to me one more time!” My dad begged as I stood by the hospital window. We were on the top floor, above everyone else, above life itself. “The sun has just begun to set…” I started as I often do to describe the surroundings to my father. He had gotten serious brain damage from the heart attack, it had taken away my father, including his sight. Before I could finish he interrupted, “No, describe to me how it looks.” His tone was serious but I smiled at him and studied his being. He was bald, now with no facial hair, he kept his eyes closed even though he couldn’t see. “Okay.” I sighed, turning back towards the window just in time to catch a mama bird cooing to its children. “The, the sunset is how love feels, it’s how warm water engulfs you when you are in a pool.” I paused, trying to hide my shaky voice. I could’ve explained the sunset everyday for years to come but I would never get it right. “A sunset is how warm pie feels!’’ He joked, filling the silence. “Yes!” I finally found it in myself to speak again. “It’s happiness and warmth, it is love and bliss.” I started up again,  scratching the hard sofa with my nails and allowing myself to fall back into its stiffness. “The sun calms enough so that colors may bleed through like water colors over lapping each other.” He cheered behind me, approving my poetic words. Even though he was right beside me he felt millions of miles away. A nurse came in and told me visiting hours were over. I grabbed my jacket and purse, kissed my father on his head and left. The next early morning I caught a flight to Lyon, France. As I settled into the plane I took a look out my small window, sunrise. He also loved to hear about the sun rise, its blooming colors amazed me, too. I quickly took out my small red notebook and jotted down how it made me feel, what it looked like, and even all the smells that came with it.

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