The Sequel

January 9, 2018
By Jemima SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jemima SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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I can’t stand baby Jay, he got me running back and forth from the house to the store buying him all this s***. I gotta buy him food, and diapers and wipes. Now I think he catching this dumb ass cold. Momma ain’t been home in 3 days and I hope to god after I drop baby Jay off at the daycare to not see her in that junkie house. Jared don’t know this but ever since he got locked up Momma stopped drinking and started using again. I don’t know when the next payment for heat and light is due but we about to hit rock bottom.
While baby Jay was sleeping, I quickly run downstairs to the mailbox and just as I expected I got a letter from Jared.
Dear Jay,
Happy early Birthday Princess! I love you so much and don’t you ever forget it. You can just drop this whole thing I’ll find a way to get myself out. Take the money but don’t show momma, I don’t trust her with it. Do something for yourself. How’s baby Jay? I bet he sleeping and you reading this letter on the couch next to the tv in the living room. I bet momma ain’t even home. Well I just wanted to say wassup since I haven’t in awhile. I know those protests stopped but they was right Jared Coleman is innocent and until they can prove otherwise, I hope you screaming Free the Real.
         Your Brother,
Oh shoot, I forgot my birthday was coming up. I wonder what Heaven and Nevaeh want to do with me. Oh wait… nevermind. No one's here to watch baby Jay, so I have no birthday. That lawyer is working my nerves, as soon as the press died down so did he. I need to get Jared out of there but if anyone knows of my living condition they’ll put me and baby Jay into the system and separate us. That would kill Jared the most.
Dear Jared,
Mommy is using again for sure. I don’t see her anymore, she hasn’t been by the house in weeks.. 
How’s jail treating you?
Oh Jared we’re running out of food.
Every time I tried to start the letter, nothing positive came out. My life sucks, Jareds life sucks and now baby Jay's life sucks also.
It’s been 2 more months and I don’t know if I can take this anymore.

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