One Last Breath

January 9, 2018
By alonefone GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
alonefone GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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Jung soo woke up, looked forward, and saw that his cell was opened. His cot was metal, so he had formed a back pain that hadn’t gone away. His back felt immense pain as he stood up quickly. Jung soo’s black hair had dropped down in front of his eyes as he quickly ran toward the exit. He ran down the road and didn’t stop, even though his bare feet started to bleed due to the rocky road. He reached the ocean and saw it with great awe, “Finally” he whispered. His oversized prison uniform caused him to trip multiple times in the sand, he reached an area where there were small rocks. He quickly shoved them into his pockets. While he was piling in the rocks he thought of what people might say, ‘oh he was so young, only 15’.  He shook away this awkward thought and began again. He finally touched the ocean, no more burning sand, or pointy rocks, just water. He stood in the water, wet sand swallowing his feet.  He slowly walked into the water, never stopping. As he was about to take his last breath he said his final words “Forgive me, for I have sinned” With that breath he sunk underwater, touching the seaweed and examining the fish until everything slowly went black.

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