Make me look better

January 8, 2018
By Anonymous

I would run for an hour to see that new trend
Then dance through the aisle for clothes
The I see it, the glory of that dress
Leaping over all the clothes racks
To get that limited dress
That way it flows like the ocean
Stepping out of the dressing room
I feel like the queen when you first see her
I realize that I am alone like an orphan when your mother leaves you
I sit down on the “Carpet” feeling dress
As I take it off I see the ugly like a donkey

The author's comments:

You see that a new trend has come out and you want to be the first. You go to the mall as fast as you can, you see it at the end a pretty dress and grab it. You put it on and feel like you are a queen with it flowing like all eyes are on you. She feels alone because no one notices. You sit down on the floor and the dress is soft like carpet. You take it off and realize you are ugly and the only reason you wanted the dress was to look pretty.

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