The Garden

January 4, 2018

The garden was gorgeous. A deep green was spread over the vast area. Little sprinkles of roses and violets poked up from above the soil. Miles and miles of flowers were sprouting up, growing taller and taller. The field was covered with vines and pretty petunias. It was as if the heavens had rained down and planted themselves gently on the ground. The horizon line glowed with the vibrant colors of pink, purple, and a dusty orange. The sun had just began to set, making the shovels gleam like twinkling stars. The remaining sunlight streamed through the taller blades of grass surrounding the garden. Birds glided above through the blue sky, swooping low to examine the colorful patches of life. The pond showed the reflection of the plants, making them seem more astounding each time the water rippled. The clouds drifted by slowly, as if the garden was only a distant memory.

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