!st Period

January 10, 2018

It started.  The bell rang signaling that the war had begun.  We hid behind our bunkers.  Half the class on one side, half on the other.  We started to reach into our satchels and pulled out our ammo.  The first bullet was shot.  Justin was hit in the arm.  Then truly, the war had begun with bullets flying across the room, the teacher not even making a move to stop us.  Seventh-grader against seventh grader.  Friends against best friends turned to enemies.  Three kids had run out of ammo and were now crawling across the floor into enemy territory.  Once they gathered as much ammo as possible, they crawled back to their bunkers.  Bullets flying across the room, bouncing off the floor the bunkers, the walls.  Hundreds wounded but still continued to fight.  It felt like this has been continuing for hours, but it had only been fifty-five minutes.  Once we saw the battle clock, we stuffed our ammo into our pockets.  We gathered our stuff, greeted our enemies that were now our friends, and walked out when the bell rang, waiting for tomorrow when we were to come back to the battlefield we called 1st period.

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