The conspiracy

January 10, 2018
By mr.noot BRONZE, Springville, Utah
mr.noot BRONZE, Springville, Utah
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The conspiracy
The air was beautiful outside, too bad it will be ruined by sitting down for 6 cruel hours of school. I met up with my friend, Loreto Jacqui in my second and third class.
“Rhode?” He was pretending to not know who I was. I said I was not going to school, but I was forced to… or my Minecraft account would have been taken away. I would have been able to stay if my little brother had stopped saying how I have 16k hours on minecraft. My mom doesn’t think I have a life, she says all that I ever do is play minecraft and look at memes all day. I think I do, I have gone swimming twice and… I, that is pretty much it.
That is when the bell screamed into my thoughts. Time for the next period. Loreto and I met a kid that was super mysterious and quiet. He was unusually friendly for how he dressed. He said that Area 51 has aliens and that most of our stealth vehicles were from the alien spaceship remains. But all we knew is that we met someone extraordinary, he was also good at everything but school subjects, besides basic science and math. He didn't really believe that high school math was necessary for his future life. He could make, fix and pretty much do anything he wanted. But, he does make useless things from time to time.
The next day he told us that he made an artificial intelligence duck, it looked more chicken than anything, but it is still more than I could make. Unfortunately, it was never used. I got home from school feeling very unusual that night, something was not right. Everything was strange, the teachers almost seemed evil. No matter, I thought to myself. I always over exaggerate everything. Then I went to sleep.
Two weeks later I almost felt the need to express how I felt about school. The conspiracy kid finally told us his name. Konrad Millward. He said he thinks he knows what’s going on. He led us to the janitors closet and pulled on a broom that almost seemed like a lever. Suddenly a door opened into a basement. I did notice the janitors garbage can was always half full even when there was nothing in it. It was also kind of heavy too.I remember there has also been dirt construction hill next to the school for a month that had been getting continuously taller. But it only led into an empty room with a wooden table and a few chairs from the cafetorium. We decided to leave it for a few days to see if the room got bigger but it didn’t. Konrad was as surprised as i was, we both thought it would be a lab with computers or something but there was nothing. We continued our friday as we usually would but today he invited me to his house, it was unusual for konrad to invite anyone to his house. In fact i don't think he has ever invited anyone. When the school day ended i was there at his house. Not a super mysterious house like i thought it would be but a regular house like all down the street. We played but we eventually got bored and decided to explore that hole again, so we  did. There was something that changed about the hole, there was a fresh scent of cut wood. We looked everywhere but found nothing. Except for konrad. He found a symbol under the table it was a triangle with an eye that followed you at you.
That is when we heard footsteps. We panicked and ran. On our way back we noticed a black new cabinet with a file that had my name on it and my two friends on the front with bold letters and took it on our way out. We did leave the door open. The janitor spotted us on our way out. Then we hid in a classroom and read the files and looked at our friends that said they moved. But the files said nothing about them moving, it had a stamp that said ´captured´. The classroom had two exits and one was rattling then swung open. There was the janitor. We ran and found my first period teacher there we ran a different direction and found my third, and after a few hallways we found that we were trapped but konrad had a plan, he told us to follow him and trust him. We agreed and followed, we circled a block of the school and the teachers followed we circled until we found an exit we found one with a door outside. Then we ran outside with two sheriffs standing outside and they said we ´got em´

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